formerly WAGES ACT 1986 s.14 now REPEALED


Wages Act 1986, s.14 was entitled "Wages orders".

Wages Act 1986 Part II, which included s.14, was repealed with effect from 30th August 1993 by TURERA 1993.

Until then a Wages Order was an order made by a wages council which specified a minimum wage or minimum level of pay in certain industries.

The Agricultural Wages Board was not abolished along with the Wages Councils. It still sets minimum levels of pay for farm workers (see Specific employments/agricultural workers/wages orders ).

With effect from 1st April 1999, a new national minimum wage is universally applied, subject to specific exceptions, under the terms of the National Minimum Wages Act 1998 (see Acts of Parliament etc/National Minimum Wage Act 1998 ).

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