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Enforcement: Employment Tribunals etc./EAT procedure

Title Author
Al Jumard v Clywd Leisure Ltd & Others - Guidance on compensation for discrimination [2008] EAT admin
Arnold & Ors v Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council: ".... even the most desiccated Chancery lawyer conjured up by the imagination of a Charles Dickens" would be surprised at arguments spawned by the 2004 dispute resolution regulations [2008] EAT admin
Wilkes v Dundee City Council & anor - Time limits for Equal Pay Act claims [2007] EAT admin
Symington v ISS Facility Services Ltd - Appeal on method of pay calculation dismissed since Genuine Material Factor defence had in any event been established [2008] EAT admin
Clyde Valley Housing Association Ltd v MacAuley - When does a written statement provide the "basis" for a grievance under the statutory modified grievance procedure? [2008] EAT admin
Babcock Wanson UK Ltd v. Wright - Certificate of correction set aside [2007] EAT admin
Henry v (1) London Borough of Southwark (2) South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust - dispute resolution procedures are not easy for a litigant in person and this can amount to "special circumstances" so as to allow a Review [2008] EAT admin
Rawson v Doncaster NHS Primary Care Trust - Question of whether it is just and equitable to extend time must be considered as factor when considering whether to allow amendment to admit a new claim [2008] EAT admin
Smith v. Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd - Grievance procedure and continuing failures by an employer [2007] EAT admin
Van Dieren v Edwards and Van Dieren-Hulsman - Dismissal/disciplinary procedure or Grievance procedure [2006] EAT admin