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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Shreshtha v Genesis Housing Association Ltd [2015] EWCA Civ 94: Anonymous (not verified) 18/02/2015
Legge and others v Prestige Homecare Ltd (in administration) and others ET/2401324/14 Anonymous (not verified) 18/03/2015
Land Registry v Houghton and others [2015] UKEAT/0149/14: Non payment of bonus where employee received warning for disability related sickness absence was discriminatory Anonymous (not verified) 12/02/2015
Ottimo Property Services Ltd v Duncan and Warwick Estate Properties Ltd [2015] EAT Anonymous (not verified) 09/01/2015
McGrath v Ministry of Justice [2015] EAT Anonymous (not verified) 27/02/2015
Rynda (UK) Ltd v Rhijnsburger [2015] EWCA Civ 75: Single employee was an organised grouping for purposes of TUPE 2006. Anonymous (not verified) 13/02/2015
Deangate Ltd v Hatley and others UKEAT/0389/14 Anonymous (not verified) 26/03/2015
Brigden v American Express Bank Ltd (QBD) 2000 admin 14/10/1999
HK Danmark, v Experian A/S - differing rates of contributions to pension can be justifiable admin
Woodland v Essex County Council - education authority has non delegable duty of care towards pupils admin
Swan Housing Association Ltd v Gill - no public sector Equality Act duty arose where no disability was proven admin
Gaurilcikiene v Tesco Stores Ltd - ET must give sufficient reasons for its judgment admin
Harris v Tennis Together Ltd - Mitigation of loss [2009] EAT admin 24/09/2009
Limington House School & Anor v Smith - Reasonableness of Dismissal admin
Centrewest London Buses Ltd v Spencer - no distinction between intentional and unintentional theft admin
Remploy Ltd v Campbell & Anor - ET must determine question of implied authority when considering agency admin
Olaleye v Liberata UK & Ors - employee allowed to lead evidence on stress anxiety and insomnia arising from physical condition admin
Innospec Ltd & Ors v Walker - no retrospective uplift of pension for civil partnerships admin 18/02/2014
C.D. v S.T. - mother through surrogacy is entitled to take maternity leave admin
Reilly & Anor, R (on the application of) v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions - Jobseeker's Allowance Regulations 2011 are unlawful admin
Gomes Viana Novo, v Fundo de Garantia Salarial IP - no guarantee of wage claims after six months of action for insolvency declaration (Portugal) admin
IG Index Plc v Cloete - High Court strikes out injunction claim where delivery up and destruction already made admin
Chenembo v London Borough Of Lambeth - Reasonable adjustments for possible disability [2010] EAT admin 10/10/2013
Lorne Stewart Plc v Hyde & Ors - for SPC transfer, test must focus on what work was actually done before and after transfer admin 01/10/2013
Aramark Ltd v Graham - Strong probability that redundancy would not have affected unfairly dismissed disabled claimant's future loss admin
EBAY (UK) Ltd v Buzzeo - solicitors' advice on effective date admin
Royal Bank Of Scotland v O'Doherty - template dismissal letter prejudged outcome admin
The Commissioner of Police of The Metropolis v Keohane - removal of police dog constituted a detriment admin
Newcastle International Airport Ltd v Eversheds LLP - duty of care includes advising on effects of contracts admin
Lockwood v Department of Work and Pensions & Anor - age discrimination objectively justifable to provide financial cushion admin
Croesus Financial Services Ltd v Bradshaw & Anor - restrictive covenants enforceable against father and son admin
Frederic Hay v Credit agricole mutuel de Charente-Maritime et des Deux-Sevres - ECJ rules on same benefits on marriage and civil service partnership admin
A D Bly Construction Ltd v Cochrane - Definition of "worker" under the Working Time Regulations [2005] EAT admin 23/11/2005
Croft Vets Ltd & Ors v Butcher - reasonable adjustments can include private psychiatric counselling admin
Disotto Food Ltd v Santos (Practice and Procedure) - no different quality of reasoning whether EJ sits alone or as chair of panel admin
Esporta Health Clubs & Anor v Roget - material evidence is necessary for injury to feelings award admin