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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Aziz v Bethnal Green City Challenge Co Ltd CA 2000 admin 01/01/2000
Arthur v London Eastern Railway Ltd (t-a One Stansted Express) CA 2006 admin 25/10/2006
Abellio London Ltd (Formerly Travel London Ltd) v Musse & Ors - Changed base of work material detriment under TUPE [2012] EAT admin 12/01/2012
Atlas Cleaning Ltd v (1) Liversidge (2) Liversidge (3) Balmain - Tribunal must limit itself to considering whether dismissal fell within range of reasonable responses, not substitute its own views of what it would have done [2008] EAT admin 02/04/2008
Arriva London South Ltd v Nicolaou - WTR opt-outs, detrimental treatment, and the "but for" test admin
Ammah v Kuehne+Nagal Logistics Ltd - duty to provide safe system of work: was appropriate specific warning given by employer? admin
A v B - High Court has jurisidiction for judicial review of decision to prevent publication by ex-Security Services officer - QBD 4.7.08 admin
Assocated Foreign Exchange Ltd v International Foreign Exchange (UK) Ltd & Abbassi HC 2010 admin 26/05/2010
Arriva London Ltd v Eleftheriou - Polkey irrelevant to reinstatement [2012] EAT admin 20/11/2012
American E-Z Self Storage Ltd v Prince - Despite default judgement, tribunal should still have considered proportionality of allowing participation in remedies hearing [2008] EAT admin 02/05/2008
Aspire Defence Services Ltd v Hutchings - ET's reasons must be Meek compliant admin
Armstrong & Ors v Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Hospital Trust - Equal Pay, Court of Appeal 21.12.2005 admin
Aptuit (Edinburgh) Ltd v Kennedy EAT 2007 admin 04/07/2007
Alderson and Others v. Secretary of State for Trade and Industry CA 2004 admin 08/12/2003
Abendshine & Others v Sunderland City Council - Equal pay claims, statutory grievances, and named comparators [2012] EAT admin 29/02/2012
Averns (on behalf of Averns deceased) v Stagecoach in Warwickshire - When considering delay and time limits, the reasonableness of a claimant's ignorance of their rights is a material factor [2008] EAT admin 16/07/2008
Audere Medical Services Ltd v Sanderson - Contributory conduct relevant to automatically unfair dismissal admin
Abdulla and ors v Birmingham City Council - equal pay claims can be brought in the civil courts admin
Ashby & Ors v Birmingham City Council HC 2011 admin 03/03/2011
Aegon UK Corporate Services Ltd v Roberts CA 2009 admin 21/07/2009
Anglian Home Improvements Ltd v Kelly CA 2004 admin 16/06/2004
Ashraf v Metropolitan Police Authority - Comparators must be "truly similar" for dismissal to be unfair on grounds of inconsistency of treatment [2008] EAT admin 25/07/2008
Akanu-Otu v Secretary of State for Justice - deposit order not defective admin
Association Belge des Consommateurs Test-Achats ASBL and ors, case C-236/09 - sex discrimination in calculation of insurance premiums and benefits admin
Airbus UK Ltd v Webb CA 2008 admin 07/02/2008
Allan & ors v Stirling District Council CS 1995 admin 15/03/1995
ADI (UK) Ltd v Willer & ors CA 2001 admin 22/06/2001
Arqiva Ltd v. Sagoo - Disclosure [2007] EAT admin 22/03/2007
Anderson v Hilton International UK Ltd, EAT - stay of proceedings and striking out admin
Akintola v Capita Symonds Ltd [2009] EAT admin 24/08/2009
Ahir v Continental Tyre Group - being a litigant in person is no excuse for missing EAT time limits admin
Accardo & 64 ors v Comune di Torino - derogations from Working Time Directive admin
Atkins v Wrekin District Council ECJ 1997 admin 11/07/1996
ALM Medical Services Ltd v Bladon CA 2002 admin 26/07/2002
Ashcroft v Haberdashers Aske's Boys School EAT 2007 admin 14/11/2007
Agard v Westminster Kingsway College - Calculation of a "week's pay" includes paid holiday as well as actual time working [2010] EAT admin 14/12/2010