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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Arnold Clark Automobiles Ltd v Middleton admin
Alabaster v Woolwich plc & anor CA 2005 admin 03/05/2005
Aziz v Trinity Street Taxis Ltd CA 1988 admin 26/02/1988
Andersson v Staten genom Kronofogdemyndigheten i Jönköping - wage guarantees and insolvent companies admin
Allen v Secretary of State for Work & Pensions (JobCentre Plus) - Grievances were not "extant" so claim could not proceed [2010] EAT admin 19/01/2010
Attridge Law & anor v Coleman EAT 2007 admin 20/12/2006
Ashton Seals Ltd v Mate - Role of the Employment Appeal Tribunal is to hear appeals on the law, not fresh arguments on the facts [2007] EAT admin 14/12/2007
Ahmed v Wincanton Group Ltd - ET failed to consider Autoclenz when deciding whether worker was an employee admin
Ashby v Addison and another (Brayton News) EAT 2003 admin 17/01/2003
Attorney General's Reference No 86 of 2006 CA 2006 admin 04/10/2006
Araci v Fallon - injunction to enforce a negative covenant admin
Albert v Vidionics Security Systems Ltd - Tribunal failed to establish what the reason was for claimant's resignation [2011] EAT admin 17/08/2011
Alexander v Home Office CA 1988 admin 12/02/1988
Abbey Cars (West Horndon) Ltd v Ford - Breach must be sufficiently serious as to be fundamental, but it can then be just one of many reasons causing resignation and still found a constructive dismissal claim [2008] EAT admin 23/05/2008
Acorn Packaging v Carroll - failure to argue appeal admin
Arblade and Leloup (in Re) ECJ 2001 admin 23/12/1999
Air Canada & anr v Basra EAT 2000 admin 21/02/2000
Álvarez v Sesa Start España ETT SA, CJEC case C-104/09 admin 30/09/2010
Ajayi (1) Ogeleyinbo (2) v Aitch Care Homes (London) Ltd - Refusal to accept WTR contravention must be explicit [2012] EAT admin 03/02/2012
Akavan Erityisalojen Keskusliitto AEK ry and Ors v Fujitsu Siemens Computers Oy - collective redundancies: when to consult admin
Atlantic Air Ltd v Hoff - Acceptance of repudiatory breach need not be communicated to employer, but it must be unequivocal and unambiguous [2008] EAT admin 26/03/2008
Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board v Ferguson - strike out rare in fact sensitive case admin
Arqiva Ltd v. Sagoo EAT 2007 admin 22/03/2007
Ayodele v Compass Group plc - the employer's "duty to consider" statutory requests admin
Ashton & Anor v Burbage and District Constitutional Club - Rare example of appellate interference in exercise of EJ discretion [2012] EAT admin 24/02/2012
Astra Zeneca UK Ltd v HMRC - payment of part of employees' salary in retail vouchers is a transaction subject to VAT admin
Adey-Jones v O'Dowd - Percentage of employer's responsibility must be taken into account when assessing compensation for loss due to illness after dismissal [2008] EAT admin 22/05/2008
Arhin v Enfield Primary Care Trust - no logic to tribunal's conclusion that job selection process was "mistaken" rather than discriminatory admin
Akavan Erityisalojen Keskusliitto AEK ry and Ors v Fujitsu Siemens Computers Oy ECJ 2009 admin 10/09/2009
Aspect Capital Ltd v Christensen - contempt of court by dismissed employee admin
Angestelltenbetriebsrat v Wiener ECJ 2000 admin 11/05/1999
AG's Opinion in Federatie Nederlandse Vakbewegung v The Netherlands, ECJ Case C-124/05 on 12.1.06 admin
Action Contracts (East Midlands) Ltd v (1) Ablitt (2) Asfordby Storage & Haulage Ltd - Insufficient mutuality of obligation to sustain implied contract of employment [2008] EAT admin 17/07/2008
AB v Ministry of Defence - hearing in private "expedient" on grounds of national security admin
Anderson v Pringle of Scotland Ltd CS 1998 admin 19/11/1997
Armstrong v Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Hospital Trust - Equal Pay admin