Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Ashby & Ors v Birmingham City Council - equal pay claims in the courts rather than in employment tribunals admin
Ashby & Ors v Birmingham City Council HC 2011 admin 03/03/2011
Ashby v Addison and another (Brayton News) EAT 2003 admin 17/01/2003
Ashby v JJB Sports Plc - failure to consult on redundancy not necessarily unfair admin
Ashby v Monterry Designs Ltd - controlling shareholder and director can also, in principle, be employee admin
Ashcroft v Haberdashers Aske's Boys School - Waiting for conclusion of statutory disciplinary procedure makes it "not reasonably practicable" to present unfair dismissal complaint in time [2007] EAT admin 14/11/2007
Ashcroft v Haberdashers Aske's Boys School EAT 2007 admin 14/11/2007
Ashley v City Holdings - Discrimination claim arising out of dismissal did not require separate grievance and was brought in time by virtue of automatic extension of time limits [2007] EAT admin 18/06/2007
Ashman v Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd [2010] EAT admin 11/01/2010
Ashraf v Metropolitan Police Authority - Comparators must be "truly similar" for dismissal to be unfair on grounds of inconsistency of treatment [2008] EAT admin 25/07/2008
Ashton & Anor v Burbage and District Constitutional Club - Rare example of appellate interference in exercise of EJ discretion [2012] EAT admin 24/02/2012
Ashton Seals Ltd v Mate - Role of the Employment Appeal Tribunal is to hear appeals on the law, not fresh arguments on the facts [2007] EAT admin 14/12/2007
Ashton v West Mercia Constabulary EAT 2001 admin 27/07/2000
Ashworth v Newnote Ltd - use of statutory demand procedure - Court of Appeal 27.7.07 admin
Asif v Elmbridge Borough Council - The search for the elusive "reasonably arguable ground of appeal" [2011] EAT admin 19/10/2011
Asif v Elmbridge Borough Council [2012] UKEAT 0395_11_2609 admin 26/09/2012
Asif v Key People Ltd - Worker's breach of contract cannot be used as defence to a claim for unlawful deduction of wages [2008] EAT admin 07/03/2008
Asim v Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust and Moore - Admissibility of new evidence after a tribunal hearing [2010] EAT admin 17/06/2010
Ask Security Ltd v Foote & anor - Piercing the corporate veil [2006] EAT admin 02/11/2006
Askew v Governing Body of Clifton School & ors CA 2000 admin 20/07/1999
Aslam and others v Uber BV and others ET/2202550/15 emplaw online 28/10/2016
Aslam v Barclays Capital Services & Others - Credibility issues made review by tribunal inappropriate way to deal with fresh evidence [2011] EAT admin 03/02/2011
ASLEF v Brady - unfair dismissal finding stands admin
ASLEF v Brady - Unfair dismissal finding stands [2006] EAT admin 31/03/2006
ASLEF v UK - right of union to expel a member - European Court of Human Rights 27.2.07 admin
Asociatia ACCEPT v Consiliul National pentru Combaterea Discriminarii - shareholder's homophobic statement evidence of Club's discrimination admin
Aspden v Webbs Poultry & Meat Group (Holdings) Ltd QBD 1996 admin 27/11/1995
Aspect Capital Ltd v Christensen - contempt of court by dismissed employee admin
Aspire Defence Services Ltd v Hutchings - ET's reasons must be Meek compliant admin
Assamoi v Spirit Pub Company - non-fundamental breach, remedied by grievance, prevented subsequent constructive dismissal claim admin
Assistant referees were unfairly made to retire at 48 admin
Assocated Foreign Exchange Ltd v International Foreign Exchange (UK) Ltd & Abbassi HC 2010 admin 26/05/2010
Associated British Ports v Bridgeman - Derogation from WTR rest breaks due to need for continuous service: referral to CJEC [2012] EAT admin 04/04/2012
Associated Provincial Picture Houses v Wednesbury Corporation CA 1947 admin 10/11/1947
Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen v Brady EAT 2006 admin 31/03/2006
Association Belge des Consommateurs Test-Achats ASBL and ors, case C-236/09 - sex discrimination in calculation of life insurance premiums admin