Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Bonhoeffer v General Medical Council - hearsay evidence admin
Bonkay-Kamara v Apcoa Parking UK Ltd - Tribunal should not 'about face' without reason [2013] EAT admin 23/10/2013
Bonser v RJB Mining (UK) Ltd CA 2004 admin 09/06/2003
Booley v British Army MOD - time not extended for legally hopeless claim of unfair dismissal admin
Boorman v Allmakes Ltd CA 1995 admin 11/04/1995
Booth & ors v United States of America EAT 1999 admin 09/06/1998
Booth v Oldham MBC - dispute under LGPS Regulations 1997 must be resolved through process set out therein, not by High Court action admin
Booth v Scottish Daily Record & Sunday Mail (1986) Ltd - Tribunal must provide adequate reasons for its conclusions [2008] EAT admin 19/06/2008
Booth v United Kingdom - widow's pension and sex discrimination admin
Boots Management Services Ltd, R (On the Application Of) v The Central Arbitration Committee - union's application for recognition fails admin
Bootsmann v GSCC - Care Standards Tribunal 17.7.07 admin
Boras Topic v Hollyland Pitta Bakery and others - costs admin
Borger v Tiroler Gebietskrankenkasse - social security benefits, "workers", and the irrelevance of an employment relationship admin
Born London Ltd v Spire Production Services Ltd [2017] UKEAT 0255/16/2803 emplaw online 28/03/2017
Borrer v Cardinal Security Ltd - zero hours contracts must be explicitly that admin
Bosmann v Bundesagentur für Arbeit Familienkasse Aachen - rules to avoid duplication of benefits by member states do not prevent state of residence paying child benefit - ECJ Case 352/06 - 20.5.08 admin
Boss Projects LLP v Bragg - Scaffolding supervisor is 'worker' and can bring wages claim [2013] EAT admin 06/11/2013
Bossa v Nordstress Ltd EAT 1998 admin 02/03/1998
Bosses banned over crash deaths - Wiltshire Gazette and Herald 23.5.07 admin
Bosses manipulated manager into quitting admin
Bost Logistics Ltd v (1) Gumbley (2) Rowberry (3) Smith (4) Exel Europe Ltd; Sybersolve Solutions Ltd v Eleode - "Postal rule" (deeming arrival in the course of first class post) does not apply to appeals to EAT [2008] EAT admin 20/05/2008
Boswell v Taunton Association for the Homeless Ltd EAT 2001 admin 24/10/2001
Botham v The Ministry of Defence - High Court claim could not be used to recover costs of ET unfair dismissal proceedings admin
Bottomley & Others v Wakefield District Housing - where the TUPE regulations apply a grievance can meet the minimum statutory requirements if it is addressed to the transferor rather than transferee employer - EAT 8.1.08 admin
Bou-Simon v BGC Brokers LP [2018] EWCA Civ 1525 emplaw online 05/07/2018
Bougnaoui v Micropole SA C-188/15 cperry 13/07/2016
Bouheniche v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions - No grounds to interfere in costs award [2011] EAT admin 12/10/2011
Boulding v Land Securities Trillium Ltd - "No case to answer" [2006] EAT admin 03/05/2006
Bourne v ECT Bus CIC - disability: eight hours spent driving a bus is not a "normal day-to-day activity" admin
Bournemouth Borough Council v Leadbeater - extension of time request in application to set aside default judgment can be implied admin
Bournemouth Borough Council v Leadbeater EAT 2011 admin 11/03/2011
Bournemouth University v Buckland - finding fundamental breach in constructive dismissal does not involve "range of reasonable responses" test admin
Bournemouth University v Buckland EAT 2009 admin 08/05/2009
Bouzir v Country Style Foods Ltd - Race discrimination and the burden of proof [2011] EAT admin 18/05/2011
Bovey v Hospital for Sick Children EAT 1978 admin 28/04/1978
Bowater & ors v NIS Signs Ltd (in liquidation) & ors - TUPE exemption applied where company was in liquidation, even where that was "engineered" admin