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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Brill v Interactive Business Communications Ltd - remission by EAT of case that could not succeed wasted costs and was "abuse of process" admin
British Gypsum Ltd v Thompson - 7 month delay by ET in issuing judgement not in itself ground for appeal [2011] EAT admin 22/11/2011
Barnes v Metropolitan Police Commissioner and the Independent Police Complaints Commission - Out of time race claim [2005] EAT admin 14/11/2005
British Airways Plc v Unite the Union - failure to comply with statutory requirements as to ballots made proposed strike unlawful admin
Barreto v Wincanton Group Ltd - Court of Appeal or EAT? Go forum-shopping, but time limits continue to run just the same... admin
BBC v Kelly-Phillips CA 1998 admin 24/04/1998
British Vita Unlimited v British Vita Pension Fund Trustees Ltd HC 2007 admin 27/04/2007
Barton v Investec Henderson Crosthwaite Securities Ltd [2003] IRLR 332 admin 03/04/2003
Bristol City Council v Palma - Abuse of process [2006] EAT admin 21/11/2006
Bhatt v Fontain Motors Ltd - Health & Safety, falls from height admin
Butler v Mellons Ltd & Anor - Discrimination, victimisation and constructive unfair dismissal [2011] EAT admin 21/10/2011
Birmingham City Council v Laws - New issue on final day of hearing [2006] EAT admin 27/09/2006
Ben R Palmer v The Commissioners of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs - income tax relied for seamen - Scottish Court of Session 16.02.206 admin
Brown v J & J Baxter (t/a Careham Hall) - no stigma damages where stigma not "in consequence of" (unfair) dismissal admin
Brown v London Borough of Tower Hamlets - Grievance procedure not reasonably practicable [2006] EAT admin 17/11/2006
Booth v Oldham MBC - dispute under LGPS Regulations 1997 must be resolved through process set out therein, not by High Court action admin
Baker v Tote Bookmakers Ltd t/a Totesport - Claimant's lies do not automatically trigger costs order [2012] EAT admin 16/05/2012
Berry v Recruitment Revolution and Ors - Age discrimination claims about job advertisements in which claimant had no genuine interest [2010] EAT admin 06/10/2010
Baigent & Leigh v Random House (Dan Brown - Da Vinci Code) - Court of Appeal 7.4.06 admin
Bowers v William Hill Organisation Ltd - question of long-term effect, substantial impact etc are irrelevant once disability is conceded admin
Brooks v Olyslager OMS (UK) Ltd CA 1998 admin 19/01/1998
Baumbast v Sec'y of State for the Home Dep't ECJ 2003 admin 17/09/2002
Blows & ors v Dunlop Tyre Co (CA) 2001 admin 18/06/2001
Brock v Minerva Dental Ltd - Overlap of statutory grievance and dismissal procedures and effect on time limits [2007] EAT admin 30/01/2007
Bvunzai v Glasgow CC - separate tribunal ruling on discrimination did not address the question before the current tribunal admin
Boardman v Nugent Care Society admin
Baraheni v Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust - Disproportionate disclosure requests and allegations of fraud [2011] EAT admin 13/06/2011
British Airways plc v Noble & Forde - Court of Appeal on 9.5.06 admin
Balfour Beatty Engineering Services v Allen - should all faults - even negligence - of advisers always be affixed to late claimants? admin
Baker v Quantum Clothing Group Ltd and others SC 2011 admin 13/04/2011
Briggs & Ors v Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust CA 2010 admin 17/03/2010
B v BAA plc EAT 2005 admin 19/05/2005
Barrosso & ors. v Fahy - Response to a claim out of time because of delay in the post [2007] EAT admin 31/01/2007
Birmingham City Council v Akhtar & Ors - collective grievance under statutory procedures admin 02/05/2005
Butt v Bradford Metropolitan District Council - responsibility to teachers of (i) School Governors and (ii) Local Authorities admin
Baxter & ors (submultiple of Surtees litigation) v Middlesbrough BC - Job evaluation for purposes of brief to Counsel was subject to privilege [2008] EAT admin 10/07/2008