Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Cattlin (t/a Success First) v. Croxford & Anor. [2006] EAT admin 06/12/2006
Church v West Lancashire NHS Trust (No 2) EAT 1999 admin 05/06/1998
Cheltenham Borough Coucnil v Laird HC 2009 admin 15/06/2009
Chambers v QCR Motors Ltd (in liquidation) and ADAC Paintbox Ltd - "reasonable practicability" in the context of extending time limits. admin
Cartwright v Kings College London - When does time that could be taken to remedy procedural deficiencies start [2012] EAT admin 30/04/2012
Claes and ors v Landsbanki Luxembourg SA, in liquidation CJEC Case C-235/10 - liqudator's duties regarding redundancies admin
Cressey v E. Timm & So Ltd and anor CA 2006 admin 24/06/2005
CIB/3236/2006 - effect on incapacity benefit of combination of industrial and non-industrial injury - Social Security and Child Support Commissioners' Decisions 14.5.07 admin
Coloroll Pension Trustees Ltd v Russell & ors ECJ 1995 admin 28/04/1994
Cambridge Housing Society v Anwar - Unfair dismissal ruling upheld [2007] EAT admin 09/03/2007
Cemex UK Marine Ltd v MNOPF Trustees Ltd ChD 2010 admin 10/12/2009
Clyde & Co LLP & Anor v Winkelhof - arbitration clause was not capable of prevent tribunal proceedings admin 22/03/2011
Customs and Excise Comrs v Elm Milk Ltd CA 2006 admin 03/03/2006
Cleveland Police Authority v Francis - perversity appeal fails admin
Callow t/a Callow Building Services v Anthony - Tribunal erred in failing to consider contributory conduct [2012] EAT admin 22/03/2012
Casteels v British Airways Plc - qualifying period for pension must include total time of employment in different countries admin
Cornell v HMRC - payment on termination was contractual and so lilable to tax admin
CJSA/1475/2006 - entitlement to claim jobseeker's allowance - Social Security and Child Support Commissioners' Decisions 16.5.07 admin
Cow v Surrey and Berkshire Newspapers Ltd EAT 2003 admin 07/03/2003
Consistent Group Ltd v Kalwak & ors - Employment agency case - Who is the employer? [2007] EAT admin 18/05/2007
Crossley v Faithful & Gould Holdings Ltd CA 2004 admin 16/03/2004
Child Poverty Action Group, R (on application of) v DWP - the DWP cannot recover Income Support which it has overpaid as a result of "official error". admin
Cornelius v University College of Swansea EAT 1988 admin 28/06/1988
Chief Constable of Dumfries & Galloway v Adams - normal day-to-day activities and work specific activities: where to draw the line? admin
Croad v University And College Union admin
Cockburn, R (on the application of) v Secretary of State for Health - NHS pension scheme discrimination against widowers is objectively justified admin
Cook v MSHK Limited and Ministry of Sound Recordings Ltd - the concept of affirmation of contract can be used as a sword as well as a shield. admin
Connect v Vodafone Limited - union recognition - CAC 27.6.07 admin
Conseil National de l'Ordre des Architectes v Dreessen ECJ 2002 admin 22/01/2002
Christie v DCA & anor - Part-time tribunal chairman not covered by Part-time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000 [2007] EAT admin 23/07/2007
Columba Toner V NWIFHE - applicant presented no evidence for out of time admin
Chapell v Times Newspapers Ltd CA 1975 admin 22/01/1975
Consistent Group Ltd v Kalwak & ors EAT 2007 admin 18/05/2007
Capita Hartshead Ltd v Byard - employer must "genuinely apply mind" to selection of pool for redundancies admin 31/01/2012
Clark v H2O Water Services Ltd - assumption that notice posted arrives in the course of the post admin
Commission v Greece - penalty for failure to enact laws to rectify breach of right to freedom of establishment admin