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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Case Date
Carmelli Bakeries Ltd v Benali - gross misconduct was not 'operative cause of dismissal', but still contributed to it
Child Poverty Action Group, R (on the application of) v DWP - action to recover mistakenly paid Income Support ruled unlawful.
Commission for Healthcare Audit & Inspection v Ward - suitability of alternative post offered in redundancy situation has a bearing on the unreasonableness of refusing it - EAT 6.3.08
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce v Beck - test for disclosure is whether it is necessary to fairly dispose of proceedings
Chuck v Raad van Bestuur van de Sociale Verzekeringsbank - right of pensioner now living in USA to state pension from different EC countries in which he worked - ECJ Case C-331/06 - 3.4.08
Compass Group UK & Ireland Ltd t/a Scolarest v Celebi - tribunal substituted its own view of fairness
Copple & Ors v Littlewoods Plc & Ors - equality clauses, and the effect on part-timers who would not have joined pension scheme anyway
Chaudhary v Secretary of State for Health - a doctor's vicarious liability race discrimination claim against the Sec'y of State - Court of Appeal 27.7.07
Chilcott v Thermal Transfer Ltd - employment tribunal should reach its own decision on HSAW Prohibition Notice
Countrywide Freight Group Ltd v Hobbs - Polkey deduction based on percentage chance, not balance of probabilities, of retaining job
Clarke v. South Gloucestershire Council - perversity and sufficiency of reasons for a tribunal decision - EAT 19.12.06
Commission v Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - Member State cannot unlilaterally decide that matters are in the nature of "public policy"
Chaudhary v Specialist Training Authority Appeal Panel (No 2) CA 2005
Clarke v Frank Staddon Ltd - rolled-up holiday pay cases - CA 17.10.06
Catchpole v Trustees of the Alitalia Airlines Pension Scheme & Anor - estoppel affecting entitlement to a surviving spouse pension
CCR/2658/2006 - Social Security and Child Support Commissioners' Decisions 4.6.07
Commission v Portugal - construction sector licensing laws unlawfully restrict EU law freedom to provide services
Clifton v Lloyds TSB Bank Ltd - whistleblowing claim should not have been struck out without hearing evidence
Clinton v HMRC - payment on termination of employment was not contractual and so not taxable
Coleman v Attrridge Law - ECJ reference re Disability Law - Croydon Tribunal 12.7.06