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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Cornelius v University College of Swansea EAT 1988 admin 28/06/1988
Cowen v Rentokill Initial Facility Services (Uk) Ltd t/a Initial Transport Services - Principles for re-engagement orders and calculation of loss of earnings compensation on unfair dismissal [2008] EAT admin 06/03/2008
Crystal Palace FC Ltd & Anor v Kavanagh & Ors - Crystal Palace staff sacked for reason connected with the transfer but for ETO reason [2013] EWCA admin 13/11/2013
Compass Group UK and Ireland Ltd T/A Scolarest Educational Food Service v Wilson - EAT 26.4.07 admin
Ceva Logistics Ltd v Lynch and anor - organisation's statutory and common law duties to non-employees admin
CK Heating Ltd v Doro - Reconsideration of a decision by a tribunal at its own instigation [2010] EAT admin 15/06/2010
Cunningham v BMS Sales Ltd - Age discrimination - Irish Equality Tribunal 1.2.07 admin
Casey v Morane Ltd CA 2001 admin 05/05/2000
Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police v Caston CA 2009 admin 08/12/2009
Chapell v Times Newspapers Ltd CA 1975 admin 22/01/1975
Consistent Group Ltd v Kalwak & ors EAT 2007 admin 18/05/2007
Carpenter v City of Edinburgh Council - Delay, the right to a fair trial, and blots on the landscape [2008] EAT admin 04/04/2008
Crawford & Anor v Suffolk Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust - suspension of employee should not be "knee-jerk reaction" admin
Computers In The City Ltd v Amamize - dishonesty, summary dismissal and Polkey admin
Claes and ors v Landsbanki Luxembourg SA, in liquidation CJEC Case C-235/10 - liqudator's duties regarding redundancies admin
Central & NW London NHS Foundation Trust v Abimbola - Reinstatement: Practicality and the exercise of the tribunal's discretion [2009] EAT admin 03/04/2009
CIB/3236/2006 - effect on incapacity benefit of combination of industrial and non-industrial injury - Social Security and Child Support Commissioners' Decisions 14.5.07 admin
Cressey v E. Timm & So Ltd and anor CA 2006 admin 24/06/2005
Coloroll Pension Trustees Ltd v Russell & ors ECJ 1995 admin 28/04/1994
Cold Drawn Tubes Ltd v Middleton EAT 1992 admin 17/12/1991
Cross & ors v British Airways plc EAT 2005 admin 23/03/2005
Cave v Portsmouth City Council - The necessity test and implying contracts in agency situations [2008] EAT admin 22/05/2008
Craig and Taylor v Transocean International Resources Ltd, EAT - there is no rule that entitlement to annual holiday must come out of working time admin
Casteels v British Airways Plc - qualifying period for pension must include total time of employment in different countries admin
City of Edinburgh Council v (1) Wilkinson & ors (2) McLeod & ors - EAT overrules costs order made re adjournment of a pre-hearing review [2009] EAT admin 07/10/2009
CJSA/1475/2006 - entitlement to claim jobseeker's allowance - Social Security and Child Support Commissioners' Decisions 16.5.07 admin
Cornell v HMRC - payment on termination was contractual and so lilable to tax admin
Cow v Surrey and Berkshire Newspapers Ltd EAT 2003 admin 07/03/2003
Conwell v. Newham London Borough Council EAT 2000 admin 08/07/1999
Coleman v Attridge Law & anor ECJ 2008 admin 17/07/2008
Cscape Strategic Internet Services Ltd v Toon - Party in breach of contract must be assumed to intend to perform it in most advantageous way when assessing damages [2008] EAT admin 13/05/2008
Cullinane v (1) Balfour Beatty Engineering Services Ltd (2) NRL Ltd - delay by representatives "affixes" to claimant for time limit purposes admin
Chunilal v Merrill Lynch International Incorporated - whether the English courts had jurisdiction in a breach of contract claim. admin
Chief Constable Of West Midlands Police v Gardner - What exactly about disability makes PCP cause substantial disadvantage? [2011] EAT admin 19/10/2011
Commissioners for HM Revenue and Customs v Thorn Baker Ltd & Ors - statutory sick pay and agency workers - Court of Appeal 27.6.07 admin
Chambers-Mills v Allied Bakeries - permission to appeal factual findings granted in exceptional circumstances admin