Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Clyde Valley Housing Association Ltd v MacAulay EAT 2008 admin 03/04/2008
CJD v RBS - employer must establish misconduct and carry out fair and reasonable investigation admin
Cleeve Link Ltd v Bryla - repayment of expenses clause is genuine pre-estimate of loss admin
Countrywide Freight Group Ltd v Hobbs - Polkey deduction based on percentage chance, not balance of probabilities, of retaining job admin
Cunningham v Aurora Kendrick James Ltd - relief from automatic strike-out admin
Community Law Clinic Solicitors Ltd & Ors v Methuen - fact-finding on evidence is the role of tribunal admin
Coleman v Attrridge Law - ECJ reference re Disability Law - Croydon Tribunal 12.7.06 admin
Corr v IBC Vehicles Ltd - HL, upcoming on 27.2.08 admin
Crawford v Swinton Insurance Brokers Ltd EAT 1990 admin 24/10/1989
Cape Industrial Services v Ambler EAT 2002 admin 20/12/2002
Carlsberg UK Ltd v (1) Cramp (2) Rabbitt - Objective standard of "reasonable employer" applies as much to the investigation as to the decision to dismiss [2008] EAT admin 08/04/2008
Capek v Lincolnshire County Council CA 2000 admin 26/05/2000
CSC Computer Sciences Ltd v McAlinden & Ors - unilateral mistake cannot invalidate a contract admin
Cumbria County Council & Anor v Bates - post-dismissal conduct and compensation for unfair dismissal admin
Country Weddings Ltd v Crossman & Ors - no power to apportion liability for compensation for tortious activity admin
Commisioner of Police of The Metropolis & Anor v Osinaike - shifting of the burden of proof in a discrimination case admin
Corporate Manslaughter trial adjourned (again) until "around October 2010" admin
Cadman v Health and Safety Executive (C-17/05) - legality of pay based on length of service - ECJ 3.10.06 admin
Chuck v Raad van Bestuur van de Sociale Verzekeringsbank - right of pensioner now living in USA to state pension from different EC countries in which he worked - ECJ Case C331/06 - 3.4.08 admin
Commotion Ltd v Rutty EAT 2005 admin 13/12/2005
Copple & Ors v. Littlewoods Plc & Ors EAT 2011 admin 23/12/2010
Centrewest Buses v Alas - Tribunal must consider the evidence actually before the employer, and not substitute its own view [2008] EAT admin 05/03/2008
Cresswell v Board of Inland Revenue ChD 1984 admin 01/02/1984
Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust v Browne - appeal simply challenged findings of fact admin
Circumstances for ordering further and better particulars of a claim - Secretary of State for Work & Pensions (Jobcentre Plus) v Constable admin
Chief Constable Humberside Police & Others v Information Commissioner and Home Office - criminal records checks, old convictions, and job applicants admin
Cliffe v Knowledge Support Systems Ltd - time limit for faxed appeals to EAT - new on EAT website on 3.10.2005 admin
Connolly v Sellars Arenascene Ltd CA 2001 admin 02/02/2001
Colley v Corkindale EAT 1995 admin 13/06/1995
Cscape Strategic Internet Services Ltd v Toon - Party in breach of contract must be assumed to intend to perform it in most advantageous way when assessing damages [2008] EAT admin 13/05/2008
Canniffe v East Riding of Yorks Council EAT 2000 admin 17/04/2000
Croydon Health Services NHS Trust v Brown - ET finding of unfair dismissal was not perverse admin
Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis v Buchanan - Potentially criminal misconduct and dismissal [2010] EAT admin 13/07/2010
CTO Gesellschaft Fur Containertransport MBH and Co MS Juturna KG & anor. v Dziennik - different approach of the High Court and the Court of Appeal to "justice" - CA 13.11.06 admin
Churchill v United Kingdom - refusal to pay Widow's Pension to a man was not sex discrimination - ECtHR 29.4.08 admin
Collins v Royal National Theatre Board Ltd CA 2004 admin 17/02/2004