Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Calder v Sec. of State for Work & Pensions - rights under H & S Regs 1977 are only relevant where time off sought is during actual working hours admin
Conway v Community Options Ltd - no "reasonable adjustment" possible in disability discrimination case admin
Cscape Strategic Internet Services Ltd v Toon - Party in breach of contract must be assumed to intend to perform it in most advantageous way when assessing damages [2008] EAT admin 13/05/2008
Chambers-Mills v Allied Bakeries - permission to appeal factual findings granted in exceptional circumstances admin
Campbell v Frisbee admin 14/03/2002
Chatzi v Ipourgos Ikonomikon - birth of twins does not create automatic entitlement to double period of parental leave admin
CIS/4156/2006 - "living together" appeal - Social Security and Child Support Commissioners' Decisions 11.5.07 admin
Colt Group Ltd v. Couchman EAT 2000 admin 12/01/2000
Consignia plc v Sealy CA 2002 admin 19/06/2002
Circle Anglia Ltd v Simons - no interference by EAT in decision on contribution admin
Carter v Prestige Nursing Ltd admin
Chagger v Abbey National plc & Hopkins - (i) compensation in discrimination cases (ii) burden of proof (and an example of an impressive flying start by the president-elect of the EAT) [2008] EAT admin 16/10/2008
Cavendish Munro Professional Risks Management Ltd v Geduld [2009] EAT admin 06/08/2009
Commission of the European Communities v French Republic - Case C-89/07, 15.2.07 admin
Cavendish v Greater Manchester Buses (South Ltd) (t-a Stagecoach Manchester), EAT 2003 admin 30/09/2003
Commission v Germany - benefits for blind, deaf and disabled not "special benefits" so cannot be subject to residence in Germany admin
CSDLA/251/2007 - disability living allowance - Social Security and Child Support Commissioners' Decisions 16.5.07 admin
Coxon v Rank Xerox UK Ltd EAT 2003 admin 18/11/2002
Capita Health Solutions v McLean and BBC, EAT 2008 admin 01/05/2008
Countrywide Freight Group Ltd v Hobbs - Polkey deduction based on percentage chance, not balance of probabilities, of retaining job admin
Cunningham v Aurora Kendrick James Ltd - relief from automatic strike-out admin
Crest Packaging Ltd & other Crest companies v Bell, Breaker, Ingram, Packham, Parry, and Stevens - Test case: Identity of Employer [2005] website admin 09/12/2005
City of Edinburgh Council v (1) Wilkinson & 21 others (2) McLeod & 31 others [2010] EAT admin 14/04/2010
Centrum voor Gelijkheid van Kansen en voor Racismebestrijding v Firma Feryn NV - public statement that "Moroccans will not be employed by firm" should be seen as direct racial discrimination - ECJ Case C54/07 - AG's opinion 12.3.08 admin
Clark (Inspector of Taxes) v. Perks (No.2) etc CA 2002 admin 27/07/2001
Chunilal v Merrill Lynch International Incorporated - whether the English courts had jurisdiction in a breach of contract claim. admin
Commissioners for HM Revenue and Customs v Thorn Baker Ltd & Ors - statutory sick pay and agency workers - Court of Appeal 27.6.07 admin
Corps of Commissionaires Management Ltd v Hughes EAT 2009 admin 22/10/2008
Cook v MSHK Limited and Ministry of Sound Recordings Ltd CA 2009 admin 09/07/2009
Country Weddings Ltd v Crossman & Ors - no power to apportion liability for compensation for tortious activity admin
Commisioner of Police of The Metropolis & Anor v Osinaike - shifting of the burden of proof in a discrimination case admin
Cordell v Foreign and Commonwealth Office - Reasonableness of adjustments for disabled employees [2011] EAT admin 05/10/2011
Cordell v DHL Exel Europe Ltd - If a claimant chooses to jump the gun by withdrawing an appeal, that is his own fault - [2008] EAT admin 30/06/2008
Cosgrove v Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (Northern Ireland) - Disability Discrimination, appeared on Bailii 17.12.2005 admin
Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police v Liversidge CA 2002 admin 24/05/2002
Christian v Nursing and Midwifery Council - struck off nurse loses appeal admin