Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
CAB Automotive Ltd v Blake, Singh & ors - TUPE: When is a dismissal automatically unfair? [2008] EAT admin 12/02/2008
Claridge v Daler Rowney Ltd EAT 2008 admin 04/07/2008
Carson & ors v the United Kingdom - inflation linking of UK pensions paid to ex-pats living in South Africa, Australia and Canada admin
Courtaulds Northern Spinning v Moosa EAT 1984 admin 07/10/1983
Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police v Stubbs EAT 1999 admin 26/10/1998
Cox v Essex County Fire And Rescue Service - self diagnosis of disability does not require employer to make reasonable adjustments admin
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce v Beck - test for disclosure is whether it is necessary to fairly dispose of proceedings admin
Consistent Group Ltd v Kalwak & Others - reasoning to support tribunal's conclusions must be clear in its judgment - Court of Appeal 29.4.08 admin
Calmac Ferries Ltd v Wallace & Anor - there must be an explanation for difference in treatment where pay disparity arises admin
Camelot Group Plc v Hogg - Arguably late provision of interview notes did not make redundancy dismissal unfair [2011] EAT admin 13/10/2011
Commissioner (Met Police) v Harley EAT 2001 admin 18/09/2001
Cowen v Rentokill Initial Facility Services (Uk) Ltd t/a Initial Transport Services - Principles for re-engagement orders and calculation of loss of earnings compensation on unfair dismissal [2008] EAT admin 06/03/2008
Commissioner (Met Police) v Lowrey-Nesbit EAT 1999 admin 13/07/1998
Crystal Palace FC Ltd & Anor v Kavanagh & Ors - Crystal Palace staff sacked for reason connected with the transfer but for ETO reason [2013] EWCA admin 13/11/2013
Casey v Morane Ltd CA 2001 admin 05/05/2000
Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police v Caston CA 2009 admin 08/12/2009
Chief Constable Of Essex Police v Kovacevic - an application to amend ET claim should be in writing admin
Commission of the European Communities v UK - UK wins Health & Safety case - ECJ Case C-127/05, 14.6.07 admin
Crook v United Kingdom - strike out of widow’s benefits claim - ECtHR 13.5.08 admin
Chatwal v Wandsworth Borough Council - affected group, not just individual, required for indirect discrimination to be established admin
Collins v Club 24 Ltd t/a Ventura - EAT to be "diffident" over interfering with constructive unfair dismissal decisions [2012] EAT admin 12/01/2012
Connex SE v RMT Union CA 1999 admin 13/12/1998
Carpenter v City of Edinburgh Council - Delay, the right to a fair trial, and blots on the landscape [2008] EAT admin 04/04/2008
Commissioners for HM Revenue and Customs v Thorn Baker Ltd & Ors CA 2008 admin 27/06/2007
Crawford & Anor v Suffolk Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust - suspension of employee should not be "knee-jerk reaction" admin
Cressey v E. Timm & So Ltd and anor CA 2006 admin 24/06/2005
Coloroll Pension Trustees Ltd v Russell & ors ECJ 1995 admin 28/04/1994
Camden & Islington Foundation Trust v Boafo - offences in disciplinary procedure are not exhaustive examples of gross misconduct admin
Chambers-Mills v Allied Bakeries - judge ordered strike-out in light of complete appreciation of claimant's non-cooperation admin
Common Services Agency v Scottish Information Commissioner (Scotland) - even redacted information may still amount to "sensitive personal data" - House of Lords 9.7.08 admin
Chambers v QCR Motors Ltd (in liquidation) and ADAC Paintbox Ltd - "reasonable practicability" in the context of extending time limits. admin
Cartwright v Kings College London - When does time that could be taken to remedy procedural deficiencies start [2012] EAT admin 30/04/2012
Coyne v. Home Office CA 2000 admin 27/07/2000
Cave v Portsmouth City Council - The necessity test and implying contracts in agency situations [2008] EAT admin 22/05/2008
Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police v Homer EAT 2009 admin 27/10/2008
Cornell v HMRC - payment on termination was contractual and so lilable to tax admin