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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Columba Toner V NWIFHE - applicant presented no evidence for out of time admin
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce v Beck - test for disclosure is whether it is necessary to fairly dispose of proceedings admin
Consistent Group Ltd v Kalwak & Others - reasoning to support tribunal's conclusions must be clear in its judgment - Court of Appeal 29.4.08 admin
Cleveland Police Authority v Francis - perversity appeal fails admin
Callow t/a Callow Building Services v Anthony - Tribunal erred in failing to consider contributory conduct [2012] EAT admin 22/03/2012
Coleman v Attridge Law - the Equal Treatment Framework Directive prohibits "associative" discrimination against an employee on the grounds of their child's disability - ECJ Case C-303/06 admin
Coker & Osamor v The Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine CA 2001 admin 22/11/2001
Curr v Marks and Spencers plc CA 2002 admin 13/12/2002
Camden & Islington Mental Health & Social Care Trust v Atkinson - Unjustified suspension can amount to breach of trust and confidence [2007] EAT admin 20/08/2007
Chief Constable of Cumbria v McGlennon EAT 2002 admin 15/07/2002
Chagger v Abbey National - guidance on assessment of compensation for future loss of earnings in a successful discrimination claim admin
Commission of the European Communities v UK - UK wins Health & Safety case - ECJ Case C-127/05, 14.6.07 admin
Crook v United Kingdom - strike out of widow’s benefits claim - ECtHR 13.5.08 admin
Chief Constable of Dumfries & Galloway v Adams - normal day-to-day activities and work specific activities: where to draw the line? admin
Croad v University And College Union admin
Corr v IBC Vehicles - injury at work, depression, suicide, employer's liability - Court of Appeal 31.3.06 admin
Costello v Chief Constable of Northumbria CA 1999 admin 03/12/1998
Collins v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions CA 2006 admin 04/04/2006
Collins & Ashbourne v Department for Constitutional Affairs - Territorial scope of unfair dismissal and fixed-term workers protection [2007] EAT admin 26/11/2007
Claridge v Daler Rowney Ltd EAT 2008 admin 04/07/2008
Copple & Ors v Littlewoods Plc & Ors - equality clauses, and the effect on part-timers who would not have joined pension scheme anyway admin
Chambers-Mills v Allied Bakeries - judge ordered strike-out in light of complete appreciation of claimant's non-cooperation admin
Common Services Agency v Scottish Information Commissioner (Scotland) - even redacted information may still amount to "sensitive personal data" - House of Lords 9.7.08 admin
Capita Hartshead Ltd v Byard - employer must "genuinely apply mind" to selection of pool for redundancies admin 31/01/2012
Clark v H2O Water Services Ltd - assumption that notice posted arrives in the course of the post admin
Cape Plc & Ors - asbestos related liabilities to employees and ex-employees - High Court ChD, 7th June 2006. admin
Coales v John Wood & Co EAT 1986 admin 24/09/1985
Commissioner (Met Police) v Harley EAT 2001 admin 18/09/2001
CAB Automotive Ltd v Blake, Singh & ors - TUPE: When is a dismissal automatically unfair? [2008] EAT admin 12/02/2008
Commissioner (Met Police) v Lowrey-Nesbit EAT 1999 admin 13/07/1998
Carson & ors v the United Kingdom - inflation linking of UK pensions paid to ex-pats living in South Africa, Australia and Canada admin
Cadman v HSE ECJ case C-17/05 starts tomorrow - Prospect Union 7.3.06 admin
Chateignier v Office national de l'emploi - denial of benefits to citizen of another Member State - ECJ Case C-346/05, 9.11.06 admin
C v M Ltd - absolute immunity against ET claims arising out of other legal proceedings admin
Czarnecki v Choice Textiles Ltd - it is wrong to construe a contract as providing no obligation to pay at least the normal hourly rate admin
Choudhury v Kingston Hospital NHS Trust - costs - [2006] EWHC 90057 2.5.06 admin