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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Celozzi v Innungskrankenkasse Baden-Wurttemberg, - cross border social secutiry rules - ECJ Case C-332/05 - 18.1.07 admin
Cemex UK Marine Ltd v MNOPF Trustees Ltd (as Trustee of Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund) - funding pension scheme deficit admin
Cemex UK Marine Ltd v MNOPF Trustees Ltd ChD 2010 admin 10/12/2009
Central & North West London NHS Mental Health Trust v Amara - tribunal's findings about employer's investigation were neither wrong nor perverse - EAT 16.4.08 admin
Central & NW London NHS Foundation Trust v Abimbola - Reinstatement: Practicality and the exercise of the tribunal's discretion [2009] EAT admin 03/04/2009
Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust v Browne - appeal simply challenged findings of fact admin
Centre West London Buses Ltd v Balogun and Ambali - Unfair dismissal: the reasonable responses test [2005] EAT admin 19/10/2005
Centre West London Buses Ltd v Farquharson - EAT will not normally hear new claims [2005] EAT admin 10/11/2005
Centrewest Buses v Alas - Tribunal must consider the evidence actually before the employer, and not substitute its own view [2008] EAT admin 05/03/2008
CentreWest London Buses Ltd v Ukachukwu - Unfair dismissal "some substantial other reason" [2007] EAT admin 20/12/2007
Centrewest London Buses v Ukachukwu - Court should hear full appeal on case involving suspension of employee for racial abuse - Court of Appeal 10.4.08 admin
Centrica Storage Ltd (1) Lewis Silkin LLP (2) v Tennison - Tribunal acted within its discretion in refusing late amendment to withdraw concession of disability [2008] EAT admin 29/09/2008
Centrum voor gelijkheid van kansen en voor racismebestrijding v Firma Feryn NV - employer's statement that it will not recruit "immigrant workers" established (rebuttable) presumption of race discrimination - ECJ Case C54/07 10.7.08 admin
Centrum voor Gelijkheid van Kansen en voor Racismebestrijding v Firma Feryn NV - public statement that "Moroccans will not be employed by firm" should be seen as direct racial discrimination - ECJ Case C54/07 - AG's opinion 12.3.08 admin
Centrum voor Gelijkheid van Kansen en voor racismebestrijding v Firma Feryn NV ECJ 2008 admin 10/07/2008
Cerberus Software Ltd v Rowley CA 2001 admin 18/01/2001
Cetinsoy & others v London United Busways Ltd [2014] UKEAT/0042/14 emplaw online 23/05/2014
CEVA FREIGHT UK Ltd v. SEAWELL LIMITED - 'organised grouping' must have conscious element of organisation admin 21/06/2013
Ceva Logistics Ltd v Lynch and anor - organisation's statutory and common law duties to non-employees admin
CEX Ltd v Lewis EAT 2007 admin 10/08/2007
CEX Ltd. v Lewis - Polkey and the chance of not being dismissed at all [2007] EAT admin 10/08/2007
CF Capital Plc v Willoughby - when can a clear dismissal be unilaterally withdrawn? admin
CFS Management Services Ltd v Thomas admin
CFS Management Services v (1) Bashir (2) Woodward - should the EAT remit or decide the matter for itself? admin
CG/4139/2006 - averaging of income - Social Security and Child Support Commissioners' Decisions 1.6.07 admin
Chadburn v Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and another UKEAT/0259/14 Anonymous (not verified) 19/02/2015
Chagger v Abbey National - guidance on assessment of compensation for future loss of earnings in a successful discrimination claim admin
Chagger v Abbey National plc & Hopkins - (i) compensation in discrimination cases (ii) burden of proof (and an example of an impressive flying start by the president-elect of the EAT) [2008] EAT admin 16/10/2008
Chagger v Abbey National PLC & Hopkins EAT 2008 admin 16/10/2008
Chagger v Abbey National PLC CA 2009 admin 13/11/2009
Chairman & Governors of Amwell View School v Dogherty EAT 2006 admin 15/09/2006
Chairman and Governors of Amwell View School v Dogherty - Admissibility of clandestine tape recordings [2006] EAT admin 15/09/2006
Chalmers v Airpoint Ltd & Ors [2014] UKEAT 0031/19 GeorgiaW 16/12/2020
Chamberlin Solicitors and anor v Emokpae EAT 2004 admin 15/06/2004
Chambers v QCR Motors Ltd (in liquidation) and ADAC Paintbox Ltd - "reasonable practicability" in the context of extending time limits. admin
Chambers v United Kingdom - strike out of unsettled claims by homosexuals dismissed from armed forces - ECHR 11.12.07 admin