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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Darwish v Egyptair Ltd - assault but not battery - QBD 16.6.06 admin
Dartford Borough Council v Richardson - comparators in disability discrimination cases before and after the House of Lords 2008 decision [2009] EAT admin 08/06/2009
Darnton v University of Surrey EAT 2003 admin 11/12/2002
Darnton v Bournemouth University EAT 2009 admin 16/12/2009
Darnton v Bournemouth University CAC 2008 admin 05/11/2008
Darnton v Bournemouth University - £10,000 penalty for failure to comply with Information & Consultation Regs [2010] EAT admin 04/03/2010
Darnton v Bournemouth University - no overriding 3 month time limit for initial steps under Info & Consultation Regs admin
Darnton v Bournemouth University - employer must initiate negotiations under Information and Consultation Regulations 2004 "as soon as reasonably practical" - CAC on 5.11.08 admin
Darnton v Bournemouth University - election of information and consultation representatives admin
Darby (1) Still (2) v Law Society of England & Wales - Did document setting out unilateral change to contract of employment simply constitute variation, or was there dismissal and re-engagement? [2008] EAT admin 14/08/2008
Daouidi v Bootes Plus SL [2016] EUECJ C-395/15 emplaw online 01/12/2016
Dansk Jurist- og Okonomforbund, v Indenrigs- og Sundhedsministeriet - Danish law in breach of Framework Directive admin
Dansk Industri, acting on behalf of Ajos A/S v Estate of Karsten Eigil Rasmussen C-441/14 emplaw online 25/11/2015
Dansk Industri, acting on behalf of Ajos A/S Estate of Karsten Eigil Rasmussen C-441/14 emplaw online 19/04/2016
Dansie v Commissioner of Police for Metropolis - no discrimination if dress code compliance requirements (hair length) applied equally between sexes admin
Danosa v LKB - non-employee member of Board of Directors was "worker" within Pregnant Workers Directive admin
Danlardy v Southwark Race Equalities Council - Assertion of statutory right [2006] EAT admin 19/05/2006
Daniels v E Ivor Hughes Educational Foundation - Failure of employment tribunal to give adequate reasons for decision [2007] EAT admin 20/11/2007
Daniels v Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis - Court of Appeal case shows how mediation can be better if litigation costs would be disproportionate - 20/10/2005 admin
Daniels v BBC - defamation claim by employee admin
Daniels & Another v Lloyds Bank plc v Another emplaw online 27/03/2018
Dandpat v University of Bath and TUV Product Services Ltd - interim relief in whistleblowing cases and the meaning of "likely". admin
Dalling v R J Heale & Co Ltd - responsibility for personal injury admin
Dallas McMillan and A v B and Davidson - Journalist had no standing to seek to have restricted reporting order revoked [2008] EAT admin 08/01/2008
Dalitis (t/a Shanklin Motor Company) v Plissi - Tribunal must establish exactly what was said "in the heat of the moment" before deciding whether it was too ambiguous to amount to a dismissal/resignation [2008] EAT admin 16/06/2008
Daley v Serco Home Affairs Ltd & Ors - Constructive unfair dismissal and race discrimination (employee's appeal fails) [2010] EAT admin 07/01/2010
Daley v A.E. Dorsett (Almar Dolls Ltd) EAT 1982 admin 03/06/1981
Daleside Nursing Home Ltd v Mathew - lies and costs admin
Dale v Michelin Tyre plc CA 1999 admin 03/03/1999
Dakin v Brighton Marina Residential Management Comp. Ltd & Anor - ET should not place too much emphasis on labels when determining employment status admin
Dainty v. Ellerton Knight - employee or self-employed? admin
Dacas v Brook Street Bureau (UK) Ltd & anr CA 2004 admin 05/03/2004
Dabson v David Cover & Sons Ltd - Tribunal judgement not to be scrutinised with fine toothcomb [2011] EAT admin 09/05/2011
Da'Bell v NSPCC EAT 2009 admin 28/09/2009
Da'Bell v NSPCC - increase in levels of compensation for injury to feelings admin 28/09/2009
DA'Bell v NSPCC - Bias, misconduct and procedural irregularity admin