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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Juuri v Fazer Amica Oy - Transferee employer is not liable for changes in working conditions that it did not cause admin
Jury's Inn Group v Tatarova - Automatically unfair dismissal and "Polkey" [2010] EAT admin 23/11/2010
Jurkowska v Hlmad Ltd CA 2008 admin 19/03/2008
Jurkowska v Hlmad Ltd - extension of time for appeal to EAT allowed - [2008] EWCA Civ 231 on 19.3.08 admin
Junk v Wolfgang Kuhnel, ECJ 2005 admin 27/01/2005
Jules Dethier Equipement SA v Dassy and anor ECJ 1998 admin 12/03/1998
Judgment of the Court of Justice of 3 October 2007 in Case E-1/07: re lawyers' freedom to provide services - Official Journal 24.1.08 admin
Judges fail in Tribunal bid to extend working lives beyond 70 admin
Judge v Crown Leisure Ltd CA 2005 admin 21/04/2005
JR5 v Department of Agriculture and Rural Development - anonymising tribunal records - CA (NI) 31.5.07 admin
JR5 v Department of Agriculture (Northern Ireland) - NI Court of Appeal 2007 admin 31/05/2007
JP Morgan Europe Ltd v Chweidan 2011 CA admin 27/05/2011
JP Morgan Europe Ltd v Chweidan - Disability related discrimination and direct disability discrimination on same facts [2010] EAT admin 26/08/2010
JP Morgan Europe Ltd v Chweidan - "disability related" and "direct disability" discrimination claims on the same facts must fail together admin
Joyce v Secretary of State for Health - there is no limit to scope of "misconduct" to be considered when hearing appeal against POVA or POCA list inclusion - High Court (Administrative Division) 1.8.08 admin
Jowitt v Pioneer Technology (UK) Ltd EAT 2002 admin 18/07/2002
Jouini & ors v Princess Personal Service GmbH ECJ 2007 admin 13/08/2007
Jouini & ors v Princess Personal Service GmbH - TUPE and transfer of agency temporary workers - ECJ Case C-458/05, 13.9.07 admin
Joshi v Manchester City Council - extended time limit under the Dispute Resolution Regulations is six months less one day - EAT 26.11.07 admin
Joseph v Orange Business Holdings UK Ltd - EAT cannot consider "simple criticisms" of fact finding by an employment tribunal [2008] EAT admin 08/07/2008
Joseph v Equant Holdings - EAT cannot consider "simple criticisms" of fact finding by an employment tribunal [2008] EAT admin 08/07/2008
Joseph and ors v Spiller and anor CA 2009 admin 22/10/2009
Joseph and ors v Spiller and anor - enforceability of employment agency agreement admin
Josefa Navarro v Fondo de Garantía Salarial (Fogasa) - state guarantee of unfair dismissal compensation on insolvency of employer - [2008] ECJ case C-246/06 - 17.1.08 admin
Jose v Julio (& four other linked cases) - National minimum wage: is a worker treated as if a member of the family [2011] EAT admin 08/12/2011
Jooste v General Medical Council & Ors - right to challenge by way of JR precluded ET jurisdiction for claim against GMC admin
Jones v. Garnett (HM Inspector of Taxes) - husband and wife win "settlement" tax case - House of Lords 25.7.07 admin
Jones v. Friction Dynamics Ltd & Ors - Dismissal or frustration of contract? [2007] EAT admin 28/03/2007
Jones v Valleys To Coast Housing Ltd - EAT proportionality on striking out [2006] EAT admin 20/10/2006
Jones v Tower Boot Co Ltd CA 1997 admin 11/12/1996
Jones v The Post Office CA 2001 admin 11/04/2001
Jones v The City And County Of Swansea - Tribunal's reasoning on apportionment and extent of future loss was sound [2011] EAT admin 05/05/2011
Jones v Standard Life Employee Services Ltd - requests for disclosure must be specific and targeted admin
Jones v Northumberland CC - right to raise new points on appeal, even about statutory dismissal procedures, is limited admin
Jones v Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council - local education authority's potential liability as "employer" of a teacher in a maintained school admin
Jones v Money Expert Ltd - There comes a point when matters are not "justiciable on paper" [2009] EAT admin 04/08/2009