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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Jinadu v Docklands Buses [2015] UKEAT/0434/14 emplaw online 17/03/2015
Jinks v London Borough of Havering UKEAT/0157/14 emplaw online 23/02/2015
Jivraj v Hashwani - arbitrators are "employees" for discrimination law purposes. admin 22/06/2010
Jivraj v Hashwani - arbitrators are not "employees" for discrimination law purposes. admin 27/07/2011
Jivraj v Hashwani - leave to appeal to the Supreme Court admin
Jivraj v Hashwani - the 2003 religious discrimination regulations are not applicable to the selection, engagement or appointment of arbitrators admin 26/06/2009
Jivraj v Hashwani CA 2010 admin 22/06/2010
JJ Food Service Ltd v Kefil -employee should be warned behaviour was unacceptable before dismissal admin
JJ Food Service Ltd v Zulhayir - court must not focus on a question that is not in issue admin
JM v Secretary of State - a carer's name was removed from POCA and POVA lists but Secretary of State was right to bring the case - Care Standards Tribunal 31.1.08 admin
JN Dairies Ltd v Johal Dairies Ltd and Singh - duty of confidentiality after employment ends admin
JNJ Bricklaying v Stacey & ors, EAT 2003 admin 08/07/2003
Joao v Jurys Hotel Management UK Ltd - A person may reasonably believe the law to be what in reality it is not [2011] EAT admin 11/10/2011
Joao v Mesh Computers Plc - amendment to "relabel" claim which had obviously been pleaded on facts should be allowed [2009] EAT admin 07/04/2009
Jobcentre Plus Department Of Work And Pensions (DWP) v Graham - Tribunal substituted its own view for employer's [2011] EAT admin 03/06/2011
Jocic v (1) LB of Hammersmith & Fulham (2) Moralee (3) Wallace (4) Pallace - Tribunal's substitution of reason for dismissal was only "re-labelling" [2007] EAT admin 30/10/2007
Johal v. Commission for Equality & Human Rights - Discrimination on the ground of pregnancy and maternity leave [2010] EAT admin 02/07/2010
Johanson t/a Kaleidascope Child Care v Yeo - Right to be heard [2011] EAT admin 07/04/2011
John Browning Ltd (t/a Eldram Ltd) v Ketman - Tribunal's assessment of contributory fault was correct [2008] EAT admin 21/05/2008
John Guest Engineering Ltd v Vaio - tribunal wrong to decide case on new point introduced by its own volition and not previously raised admin
John Hardman & Co v Urmston & ors - Unfair dismissal and TUPE [2006] EAT admin 14/07/2006
John Lamb Partnership Ltd (1) Steele (2) v Parfett - where employer is barred from participating in proceedings that is equivalent to "not contesting" them so case can be heard by employment judge sitting alone - EAT 2.7.08 admin
John Lewis Partnership v Charman - Reasonable ignorance of time limits may justify late presentation of claim [2011] EAT admin 24/03/2011
John Lewis plc v Coyne EAT 2001 admin 07/12/2000
John v Patel (t/a Edmonton Exhaust) - When is a review not a review? [2008] EAT admin 04/02/2008
John- Lewis v PJH Group Ltd - the fact an appeal would be meaningless cannot make the process of dismissal fair admin
Johns v ISS Mediclean - statutory dismissal procedures are a "minimum": compliance does not prevent unfairness under ERA 1996 s.98 admin
Johns v Solent CA 2008 admin 12/06/2008
Johns v Solent SD Limited - forced retirement at age 65 - Southampton Employment Tribunal 16.7.07 admin
Johns v Solent SD Ltd - (i) age discrimination claim to remain stayed admin
Johns v Solent SD Ltd - age discrimination claim stayed pending Heyday - EAT 30.10.07 admin
Johnson & Johnson Medical Ltd v Filmer EAT 2001 admin 05/10/2001
Johnson Controls Ltd v (1) Campbell (2) UK Atomic Energy Authority - service provision changes and whether "activity" remains fundamentally the same admin
Johnson Matthey Plc v Watters - Re-engagement order confirmed [2006] EAT admin 09/10/2006
Johnson v AWE Plc - Claim is not estopped in the employment tribunal if it has insufficient overlap with previously settled county court claim [2008] EAT admin 27/06/2008
Johnson v Coopers Lane Primary School - Burden of proof in race discrimination case [2009] EAT admin 01/12/2009