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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Khan v Landsker Child Care Ltd admin
Klöppel v Tiroler Gebietskrankenkasse - a member state considering an application for benefit must take account of comparable benefits received in other EU member states - ECJ Case C507/06 21.2.08 admin
Keegan v Newcastle United Football Company Ltd, Arbit Trib 2010 admin 01/10/2009
Keane v Investigo & ors - unsuccessful job applicant cannot win discrimination claim if no intention to accept the job admin
Kirtruna SL & anor v Red Elite de Electrodomésticos SA & ors - Acquired Rights Directive does not prevent eviction of company from rented premises even though job losses will result - ECJ case C-313/07 on 16.10.08 admin
Kassi v Edwards EAT 2001 admin 03/10/2001
Kotecha v (1)Insurety Plc (t/a Capita Health Care) (2)Abingdon (3)Bell (4)Smith (5)Riley - costs order will only be overturned if it is connected to the tribunal's error of law which leads EAT to allow appeal - EAT 14.4.08 admin
Koller - right to sit lawyer's aptitude test cannot be blocked by lack of professional experience: that defeats the whole point admin
KB v NHS Pensions Agency and Secretary of State for Health ECJ 2004 admin 07/01/2004
Kuncharalingham v Word by Word Translations Ltd - individual was neither "employee" nor "worker" admin
Kimberley Group Housing Ltd v (1) Hambley & Others (2) Leena Homes Ltd (3) Angel Services UK Ltd [2008] EAT admin 25/04/2008
Kelly and Chiu v GE Healthcare Ltd - employee inventor's rights to compensation from employer admin
Kovacs v Queen Mary and Westfield College and anor CA 2002 admin 22/03/2002
Kuehne & Nagel Drinks Logistics Ltd v Deakin and 83 others - interpretation of contractual clause admin
Kuzel v Roche Products Ltd - Burden of proof in whistleblowing cases [2007] EAT admin 02/03/2007
Kennaugh v Jones (t/a Cheshire Tree Surgeons) admin
Kenny v Hampshire Constabulary EAT 1999 admin 14/10/1998
Kabemba v ISS Eaton Ltd & Anor - ET should look at cumulative effect of complaints admin
Kew College Ltd v Parsley - Full indemnity costs award upheld [2007] EAT admin 14/06/2007
Kuteh v The Secretary of State for Children Schools and Families - re POCA and POVA lists admin
Khan v Royal Mail PLC CA 2006 admin 17/01/2004
Kelly v Secretary Of State For Justice - ET failed to consider relevant factors when deciding whether employment was suitable and appropriate admin
Kirwan v First Corporate Shipping Ltd - Dismissal of shop steward and protected disclosure [2007] EAT admin 12/10/2007
KHS v Winfried Schulte - rights to annual leave untaken by workers on long-term sick absence need not accrue indefinitely admin
Kwik-Fit (GB) Ltd v Lineham EAT 1992 admin 28/11/1991
Kingston-upon-Hull City Council v Matuszowicz - When considering time limits tribunal must always distinguish between continuing act and one-off act with continuing consequences [2008] EAT admin 28/01/2008
Kirk & Ors, R (on the app'n of) v Action for Children – legal representation in disciplinary proceedings not determinative of ability to follow career admin
Kulkarni v Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust CA 2009 admin 23/07/2009
Khan v Checkers Cars Ltd - No "mutuality of obligation" so a Gatwick cab-driver was not an "employee" for unfair dismissal purposes [2005] EAT admin 16/12/2005
Khan v Royal Mail Group Ltd & Ors - ET misdirected itself as to applicable burden of proof admin
Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council v Farrell EAT 2000 admin 23/11/2000
Knight v BCCP Ltd - No "irreducible minimum" of mutuality of obligation to create employment contract [2011] EAT admin 16/03/2011
Kovats v TFO Management LLP & Others - [2009] EAT admin 21/04/2009
Kredenza Limited v Jovicevi EAT 2005 admin 10/11/2005
Khetab v Aga Medical Ltd & Others - "Continuing act" need not be expressly pleaded if it is clear from particulars of claim [2010] EAT admin 21/10/2010
Kraus v Penna PLC and anor, EAT 2003 admin 20/11/2003