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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Kellogg Brown & Root (UK) Ltd v Fitton [2016] UKEAT/0205 emplaw online 21/11/2016
Kells v Pilkington plc EAT 2002 admin 02/05/2002
Kelly & Anor v The Hesley Group Ltd - burden of proof on employer to show representatives are 'appropriate' admin
Kelly and Chiu v GE Healthcare Ltd - employee inventor's rights to compensation from employer admin
Kelly v Covance Laboratories Ltd UKEAT/0186/ 15 emplaw online 20/10/2015
Kelly v Fylde Community Link Ltd - ET decision must state why claim failed admin
Kelly v National University of Ireland - reverse burden of proof creates no entitlement to disclosure admin
Kelly v PGA European Tour [2020] UKEAT 0285/18 emplaw online 26/08/2020
Kelly v Pollock (Scotrans) Ltd - personal injury claim arising from alleged breach of statutory duty - Court of Session 13.2.07 admin
Kelly v Riveroak Associates Ltd - Problems re date of dismissal [2005] EAT admin 31/10/2005
Kelly v Secretary Of State For Justice - ET failed to consider relevant factors when deciding whether employment was suitable and appropriate admin
Kelly v University of Southampton - Immigrant from USA dismissed because visa expired wins unfair dismissal claim as work permit was still valid [2007] EAT admin 11/12/2007
Kelly v University of Southampton - Mitigation of loss by unfairly dismissed employee [2010] EAT admin 06/07/2010
Kelly v University of Southampton EAT 2007 admin 11/12/2007
Kelly-Madden v Manor Surgery - Unfair dismissal procedures where "it wouldn't have made any difference anyway" [2006] EAT admin 19/10/2006
Kelly-Madden v Manor Surgery EAT 2006 admin 19/10/2006
Kelman v Care Contract Services Ltd & anor EAT 1995 admin 13/11/1994
Kemeh v Ministry of Defence - no agency arose where discriminatory act was carried out in course of work for third party employer admin
Kennaugh v Jones (t/a Cheshire Tree Surgeons) admin
Kennaugh v Jones (t/a Cheshire Tree Surgeons) - appeal grounds were hopeless admin
Kennaugh v Lloyd Jones (t/a Cheshire Tree Surgeons) - Certificate of Correction started time for appeal running afresh [2008] EAT admin 14/05/2008
Kennaugh v Lloyd Jones - Tribunal gave inadequate reasons re constructive dismissal so case remitted for rehearing [2009] EAT admin 01/10/2009
Kennaugh v Lloyd-Jones (t/a Cheshire Tree Surgeons) - guidance on whether absence from work is due to "incapability" so that continuity of employment was not broken - EAT 18.7.08 admin
Kennaugh v Lloyd-Jones t/a Cheshire Tree Surgeons - Time off work counting towards continuous employment [2006] EAT admin 14/07/2006
Kennedy Scott Ltd v Francis - Grievance procedures [2007] EAT admin 03/05/2007
Kennedy v Ormonde Terrace Ltd - flat owner-resident who was paid secretary of the company which owned the freehold was not its employee [2009] EAT admin 24/09/2009
Kenneth Loy v Abbey National Financial and Investment Services Plc. - redundancy, Court of Session 21.3.06 admin
Kenney v Ministry of Defence - No error in tribunal's decision in sex discrimination claim [2008] EAT admin 31/07/2008
Kenny v Hampshire Constabulary EAT 1999 admin 14/10/1998
Kenny, v Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform - national courts to determine objective justification for pay differences admin
Kent County Council v Knowles - Suspension must be with pay unless employment contract provides otherwise [2012] EAT admin 09/03/2012
Kent County Council v Mingo EAT 2000 admin 17/09/1999
Kent Management Services Ltd v Butterfield EAT 1992 admin 11/12/1990
Keogh v R. - Official Secrets Act and civil servants - Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) 7.3.07 admin
Kerr v Aberdeen City Council - remedies and contributory fault - Court of Session 2.11.07 admin
Kerr v Ernst & Young Services Ltd & Ors - Strike out was perverse, unfair, and beyond ET jurisdiction at CMD [2011] EAT admin 14/02/2011