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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
London Underground Ltd v The Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen - scope of ballot for strike action admin
Lindsay v Alliance & Leicester plc 2000 admin 03/03/2000
Leicestershire County Council v Unison EAT 2005 admin 02/08/2005
Luke v Stoke on Trent City Council - right of employer to require non-contractual duties - EAT 13.10.06 admin
Langley and Carter v Burso - Unfair dismissal compensation in light of Dunnachie decision [2006] EAT admin 03/03/2006
Leeds City Council v Woodhouse - control and influence by a principal are not essential to someone being a "contract worker" admin
Lock v Connell Estate Agents 1994 admin 21/06/1994
London Borough of Lambeth v Corlett EAT 2006 admin 12/10/2006
Lucey v Governing Body of Altrincham Grammar School for Girls - capability dismissal could not be compared to conduct dismissal case admin
Lund v St Edmund's School, Canterbury - ACAS Code of Practice appliesto SOSR dismissals [2013] EAT admin 08/05/2013
Lonmar Global Risks Limited v West and Others - distinction between "duty of fidelity" and "fiduciary duty" admin
Langley & anor v Burlo CA 2006 admin 21/12/2006
Lynch v Ceva Logistics Ltd and anor CA 2011 admin 25/02/2011
Look Ahead Housing and Care Ltd v Rudder – "band of reasonable responses" test in unfair dismissal claims admin
Leon v Trans Global Freight Management Ltd - Claimant did not comply with directions due to being in prison [2009] EAT admin 13/10/2009
Larke, Havard, Kulkarni and ors v United Kingdom - no ECHR breach in failure to uplift UK ex-patriot pensions admin
Law Society of England and Wales v Secretary of State for Justice & anor HC 2010 admin 26/02/2010
Ladele v London Borough of Islington CA 2010 admin 15/12/2009
Lyons v Mitie Security Ltd - employer wins annual holiday "use it or lose it" case admin
London Probation Board v Lee - Compulsory transfer was not an option at disciplinary hearing - Making dismissal for refusal to comply unfair [2009] EAT admin 29/05/2009
Landsorganisationen i Danmark v Ny Molle Kro 1989 admin 17/12/1987
Loughran and Kelly v NI Housing Executive HL 1998 admin 29/07/1998
LTRS Estates Ltd (t/a Orwells) v Hamilton - EJ's decision failed to set out facts to support conclusion admin
London Borough of Islington v Ladele - Registrar was disciplined for conduct, not religious beliefs that caused it [2008] EAT admin 19/12/2008
Laing v Partnership in Care t/a The Spinney and Rethink [2009] EAT admin 06/10/2009
Locke v Candy and Candy Ltd CA 2011 admin 29/10/2010
Leonard v S. Derby Chamber of Commerce 2001 admin 10/10/2000
Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust v Foster - "real prospect" of removing disadvantage not needed for adjustment to nonetheless be "reasonable" admin
London Underground Ltd v Vuoto - Tribunal was fully entitled to reach conclusions it did on evidence before it [2010] EAT admin 18/01/2010
London Borough of Brent v Shah & anor - time limits [2007] EAT admin 29/06/2007
Lawrence v United Kingdom - refusal to pay Widow's Pension to man not discriminatory admin
Lange v Georg Sch?nemann GmbH 2001 admin 08/02/2001
Lemonious v Church Commissioners - ET can reduce compensatory award by 100% admin
Little v Richmond Pharmacology Ltd - Notice "with immediate effect" and the Effective Date of Termination [2011] EAT admin 21/10/2011
Laing v Manchester City Council - Burden of proof in discrimination cases [2006] EAT admin 28/07/2006
Landmark TUPE case on client transfers - Law Gazette 21.2.08 admin