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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Newsome v Sunderland City Council EAT 2003 admin 29/04/2003
Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust v Bagley - DDA, reasonable adjustments, and other personal circumstances [2012] EAT admin 23/03/2012
NUJ v Bristol United Press Ltd - collective bargaining - CAC 23.4.07 admin
Noor v Foreign and Commonwealth Office EAT 2011 admin 14/02/2011
Norris (1) Hearn (2) Rowson (3) v London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority - refusal to carry out duties not 'industrial action' on the facts admin
Northgate HR v Mercy - redundancy and protective award - CA 13.12.07 admin
Neary v Service Children's Education & ors EAT 2010 admin 17/06/2010
Northumberland County Council v Collins - adequacy of Tribunal's reasoning admin
Nelson v United Kingdom - sex discrimination in refusal to pay Widowed Mother's Allowance to a man, but not in refusing Widow's Pension - ECtHR 1.4.08 admin
New Southern Railway Ltd v Quinn EAT 2005 admin 28/11/2005
Nejjary v Aramark Ltd - fairness is to be determined solely within the confines of the actual reasons for dismissal admin
Nicholls v CLI Ltd - case management in long running saga - new on EAT website 10.10.2005 admin
NSM Music Ltd v Leefe EAT 2005 admin 14/12/2005
Neufield v (1) A&N Communications in Printed (2) Secretary of State for Trade & Industry - does being a shareholder and a director preclude an individual from also being an employee? - EAT 11.4.08 admin
Nunn v Royal Mail Group Ltd - no interference with tribunal decision in absence of perversity or error of law admin
Nikoloudi v Organismos Tilepikinonion Ellados AE ECJ 2005 admin 10/03/2005
Nouchin v (1) Norfolk County Council (2) Fakenham High School & College - costs may be awarded where there is dishonesty admin
Nowell v United Kingdom - refusal to pay Widow's Pension to man was not sex discrimination admin
Noel v London Underground Ltd CA 2000 admin 29/06/1999
Nationwide Building Society v. Benn & Ors - TUPE and constructive dismissal by reason of changes to terms of employment admin
Nesbitt & anor. v Secretary of State for Trade and Industry - directors and majority shareholders can still be employees - EAT 10.8.07 admin
Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Hospitals Trust v Armstrong & Ors in the Court of Appeal. admin
Nesbitt v DTI, EAT 2007 admin 10/08/2007
Novak v Phones 4U Ltd - Facebook posts and continuing acts of discrimination admin
North Wales Probation Area v Edwards - Lack of continuing mutuality of obligation does not mean that a person cannot be an employee [2007] EAT admin 12/12/2007
National Pensions Office v Jonkmann/Vercheval/Permesaen - ECJ cases C-231/232/233/06 on 21.6.07 admin
National Power plc v Feldon & ors 2001 admin 04/04/2001
Norbrook Laboratories (GB) Ltd v Shaw - three emails read together amounted to a 'qualifying disclosure' admin 24/01/2014
Norris v Great Dawley Parish Council - Agreement to previous changes in contract is irrelevant to question of whether or not a unilaterally imposed change amounts to a fundamental breach [2008] EAT admin 04/11/2008
North Yorkshire Police & Wade v HMRC - when does a maternity pay period being for SMP purposes? admin
Norbrook Laboratories (GB) Ltd v Adair and Pfizer Ltd HC 2008 admin 06/05/2008
Nunn v Royal Mail Group Ltd - No shift in burden of proof when deciding between competing reasons for dismissal [2010] EAT admin 27/10/2010
New Star Asset Management Holdings Ltd v Evershed - amending existing claims and adding new claims at an employment tribunal admin
New Victoria Hospital v Ryan 1993 admin 04/12/1992
Nottingham City Transport Ltd v Harvey - PCP's, one-off failures, and reasonable adjustments [2012] EAT admin 05/10/2012
NHS Leeds v Larner - carry forward of unused leave due to sick absence is not dependent on request admin