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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Old Buckenham Park (Brettenham) Educational Trust Ltd v Parker - Part time disabled teacher wins claims on being replaced by a full time teacher [2009] EAT admin 03/07/2009
O'Neill v Governors of St Thomas More RC School 1997 admin 24/05/1996
Odukwe v The Partners of Hoare Lea Consulting Engineers - Statutory grievance procedures and extensions of time [2012] EAT admin 27/01/2012
Odoemelam v Whittington Hospital NHS Trust EAT 2007 admin 06/02/2007
Oasis Community Learning v Wolff - general discretion under sections 112(3) and 113 to order reinstatement/re-engagement admin
Okonu v G4S Security Services EAT 2008 admin 11/02/2008
Olenloa v North West London Hospitals NHS Trust - obligation to make reasonable adjustments does not end with sick absence admin
O'Kelly & ors v Trusthouse Forte PLC CA 1983 admin 20/07/1983
Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council v Johnson - Unless Order: qualitative, not quantitative, test for compliance admin
O'Halloran v Ciba Speciality Chemicals Plc - personal injury - Court of Session 2.2.07 admin
Oliphant v Boots Management Services Ltd - claimant cannot introduce new claims by way of F&BPs admin
Obienna v Home Office - delay in considering immigrant applications for leave to remain - [2008] EWHC 1476 (Admin) on 27.6.08 admin
O2 (UK) Ltd v Wallace - tribunal's power is to establish what terms ought to be included in a statement of particulars of employment, not what such terms ought to be - EAT 17.6.08 admin
Olympique Lyonnais SASP v (1) Bernard (2) Newcastle United FC - freedom of movement within the EU and young professional footballers admin
O’Hara v Jackstone Froster Ltd - Link between Unfair Dismissal and consequent illness admin
Odar v Baxter Deutschland GmbH - reduced compensation in redundancy scheme admin
O'Neill v Metronet Rail BVC Ltd - employer's actions "imperfect", but not discriminatory admin
O'Brien v Ministry of Justice - recorders are 'workers' for Part Time Workers Regs purposes admin
Odu-Obi v Interserve FM Ltd & Anor - estoppel should yield to fairness admin 16/05/2013
O'Brien v Ministry of Justice (formerly the Department for Constitutional Affairs) - are judges "workers"? admin 28/11/2010
Orr v Milton Keynes Council - "but for" test is not appropriate for deciding whether a dismissal amounts to unlawful discrimination admin
Oso v Newham University Hospital NHS Trust - tribunal's reasons for decision were completely clear - and not irrational admin
Octopus Jewellery Ltd v Stephenson - ambiguity as to date of termination of employment [2007] EAT admin 07/06/2007
Opal Telecom Ltd v Rowe - No perversity in tribunal ruling [2007] EAT admin 19/04/2007
Optare Group Ltd. v T&G - Were more or less than 20 employees dismissed when 3 accepted voluntary redundancy and 17 did not? [2007] EAT admin 10/07/2007
Optare Group Ltd v TGWU EAT 2007 admin 10/07/2007
OCS Ltd v Pullen - Consistency of treatment in dismissals [2007] EAT admin 31/08/2007
Omar v Worldwide News (United Press International) 1998 admin 18/02/1998
Outokumpu Stainless Ltd v Law - Length of delay is a critical factor when deciding if it is just and equitable to allow a claim to be made out of time [2007] EAT admin 04/10/2007
O'Neill v DSG Retail Ltd 2003 admin 31/07/2002
Orchid Pubs Ltd v Griffiths - Tribunal must consider whole period of delay when deciding whether to extend time [2008] EAT admin 25/09/2008
Orthet Ltd v Vince-Cain EAT 2004 admin 05/03/2004
O'Driscoll v Hertfordshire Personal Assistance Support Service - Claimant ordered to pay costs in EAT despite proceeding to full hearing [2010] EAT admin 11/05/2010
Outram v Academy Plastics Ltd [2001] ICR 367 admin 19/04/2000
Osborne Clarke Services v Purohit - Race discrimination in rejecting non-EEA applicants for solicitors' training contracts [2009] EAT admin 09/02/2009
Oyarce v. Cheshire County Council EAT 2007 admin 13/06/2007