Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Obasa v Buckinghamshire County Council - strike out for violent threats was within EJ's proper discretion admin
Ozturk & ors. v SoS for Home Department - students and au pairs from Turkey - CA 18.5.06 admin
Osonnaya v Queen Mary University of London - costs can follow application to postpone, reasonable or not. admin
Oakland v Wellswood (Yorkshire) Ltd - insolvency exemption from TUPE not applicable in pre-pack sale by company administrator admin
OCS Group UK Ltd v. Jones & Ciliza - TUPE and service provision changes [2009] EAT admin 04/08/2009
Odoemelam v Whittington Hospital NHS Trust - Grievances against fellow employees [2007] EAT admin 06/02/2007
Otaiku v Rotherham Primary Care NHS Trust - Grievance procedure [2007] EAT admin 03/07/2007
Optikinetics Ltd v Whooley, 1999 admin 23/04/1999
Optical Express Ltd v Ms L Williams - Statutory trial period on redundancy is exclusive [2007] EAT admin 12/07/2007
O'Hanlon v HM Revenue & Customs CA 2007 admin 30/03/2007
Outokumpu Stainless Ltd v Law - Length of delay is a critical factor when deciding if it is just and equitable to allow a claim to be made out of time [2007] EAT admin 04/10/2007
O'Neill v DSG Retail Ltd 2003 admin 31/07/2002
Orchid Pubs Ltd v Griffiths - Tribunal must consider whole period of delay when deciding whether to extend time [2008] EAT admin 25/09/2008
Orthet Ltd v Vince-Cain EAT 2004 admin 05/03/2004
O'Driscoll v Hertfordshire Personal Assistance Support Service - Claimant ordered to pay costs in EAT despite proceeding to full hearing [2010] EAT admin 11/05/2010
Outram v Academy Plastics Ltd [2001] ICR 367 admin 19/04/2000
Osborne Clarke Services v Purohit - Race discrimination in rejecting non-EEA applicants for solicitors' training contracts [2009] EAT admin 09/02/2009
Oyarce v. Cheshire County Council EAT 2007 admin 13/06/2007
O'Neill v Buckinghamshire County Council - risk assessment is not required for every pregnancy admin
O'Donoghue v Elmbridge Housing Trust CA 2004 admin 16/06/2007
Oni v NHS Leicester City (formerly Leicester City PCT) - criticism in judgment suggesting bias in costs award? admin
Office Angels v Rainer-Thomas and O'Connor CA 1991 admin 12/03/1991
Oso and Owoyemi v Newham University Hospital NHS Trust - unfair dismissal and race discrimination admin
Out of office misuse of laptop computers - (USA) TechLaw Journal 8.3.06 admin
Onumajuru v NSL Ltd - late appeal against Registrar's refusal to exercise discretion was without merit admin
Ogoh v General Social Care Council - England and Wales Care Standards Tribunal 11.6.07 admin
Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust v (1) Laakkonen (2) Taylor (3) Cole - test for perversity is a high one admin
Oti-Obihara v HMRC - tax on payments under a compromise agreement admin
OTG Ltd v (1) Barke (2) Luke (3) BERR & Other cases - pre-pack sales and TUPE admin
Oceanbulk Shipping & Trading SA v TMT Asia Ltd & others - detail of "without prejudice" discussions could be used as evidence of meaning of agreement admin
Osman v Belstaff International Ltd - in the interests of justice any strike out must be "proportionate" admin
O'Reilly v British Broadcasting Corporation and anor - 2012 admin 12/02/2012
Osonnaya v South West Essex Primary Care Trust - strike out after 5 years of no progress was error of law admin
Oceanbulk SA v TMT Asia Ltd - High Court overruled: without prejudice communications not admissible to establish meaning of settlement agreement admin
O'Brien v London Borough Of Haringey & Anor - context of clause relevant to its construction admin 07/02/2013
Orr v Milton Keynes Council - extent of "imputing knowledge" to employer in cases of dismissal for misconduct admin