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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
R (on the application of L) v Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis and anor CA 2007 admin 01/03/2007
Robertson & ors v DEFRA EAT 2003 admin 03/12/2003
Ridgegold Ltd v Dashmohammadi & anor 1998 admin 06/10/1998
Raggett v John Lewis Plc - should costs awards include a sum for VAT? admin
Royal Mail Letters & ors v Muhammad - Complaint was not a grievance for purposes of EA 2002 s.32 [2007] EAT admin 20/12/2007
Roca Alvarez v Sesa Start España ETT SA - Spanish law granting time off only to new mothers, not fathers, is discriminatory admin
Ruffert v Land Niedersachsen - collective agreements and freedom to provide services - ECJ Case C346/06 - 3.4.08 admin
Rydqvist v DWP 2002 admin 24/06/2002
R (on application of G) v X School and Y City Council HC 2009 admin 18/03/2009
Royal National Lifeboat Institution v Bushaway EAT 2005 admin 22/04/2005
Royal Bank of Scotland v Ashton - reasonable adjustments to be assessed on results, not reasoning behind them admin
Robinson v Tescom Corporation - If employee agrees, albeit under protest, to employer's unilateral changes to contract of employment, he can still be fairly dismissed for refusing to abide by amended terms [2008] EAT admin 03/03/2008
Rawlings v The Direct Garage Door Company Ltd - long term sick employee wins back holiday pay admin 11/01/2010
Raccanelli v Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften eV - doctorate researcher is a "worker" only if he receives remuneration for his activities from the institution supervising his studies - ECJ Case C94/07 17.7.08 admin
R v TDG (UK) Ltd CA 2009 admin 29/07/2008
Ryan v Shipboard Maintenance 1980 admin 09/11/1979
R v Securities and Futures Authority Ltd & anor ex. p. Fleurose 2001 admin 21/12/2001
Ridge v Land Registry - disability discrimination ((i) comparators and (ii) reasonable adjustments) admin
Riley v First Choice Homes Oldham Ltd - The "trip-wires" of the modified statutory grievance procedure [2008] EAT admin 30/04/2008
Ravat v Halliburton Manufacturing and Services Ltd - ET jurisdiction relies on strong connection between employment and Great Britain [2012] UKSC admin 08/02/2012
Rooney v Strathclyde Joint Police Board - court only has limited scope to interfere with medical opinions supporting decision to compulsarily retire police officer - Court of Session 3.10.08 admin
Regina v. Sussex Police Authority ex p. Stewart 2000 admin 04/04/2000
Raval v The Department of Health & Social Security EAT 1985 admin 17/05/1985
Rice v Walker t-a Kitchen Shop, EAT 2005 admin 21/12/2005
Redrow Homes (Yorkshire) Ltd v Buckborough & Sewell - sham clause did not prevent tradesmen being "workers" for working time and holiday purposes - EAT on 10.10.08 admin
Royal Mail Group Ltd (formerly Plc) v Tipper - Tribunal's judgement too "sparse and impressionistic" for EAT to be able to even consider merits of appeal [2008] EAT admin 11/06/2008
R (on app'n of "G") v Governors of "X" School - employee's right to legal representation at disciplinary hearing in a very serious case admin 29/06/2011
Richards v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions ECJ Case C423/04 (AG opinion 15/12/05) admin
Roquette Fr?res SA v DG fraud office & EC Commission ECJ 2004 admin 22/10/2002
R v Lord Chancellor's Department ex p.Nangle 1991 admin 27/03/1991
Redfearn v Serco Ltd CA 2006 admin 25/05/2006
Roberts v Acumed Ltd - business reason for reorganisation must be "sound", but not "essential", to sustain a fair SOSR dismissal admin 25/11/2010
Radecki v Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council - Stoppage of pay in accordance with executed compromise agreement did not terminate employment [2008] EAT admin 09/05/2008
Robins & ors. v SoS for Work and Pensions - Britain fails properly to implement EC directive on pension protection - ECJ Case C-278/05 on 13.7.06 admin
Robertson v. Glasgow City Council - personal injury & contrbutory conduct - Scottish Court of Session 29.5.07 admin
R v Chargot Ltd (t/a Contract Services) [2008] UKHL 73 on 10.12.08 - burden of proof in Health & Safety cases admin