Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Shanks v Unilever Plc & Ors - employee's right to benefit from inventions admin
Sectrack NV v (1) Satamatics Ltd (2) Leemans - injunction granted to prevent misuse of customer list - QBD 19.12.07 admin
St James Management Services Ltd v Power - dismissal was rightly found to be more than just procedurally unfair admin
Sanchez Hidalgo & ors v Asociacion de Servicios Aser & anor 1998 admin 10/12/1998
Sefton MBC & Anor v Hincks & Ors - Jurisdiction in equal pay claim not limited to comparator named in statutory grievance [2011] EAT admin 14/07/2011
Saggar v. Ministry of Defence CA 2005 admin 27/04/2005
Stevenson v United Road Transport Union CA 1977 admin 28/01/1977
Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd v Fox; Telindus v Brading - incapacity benefit must not automatically be deducted from compensation, since its receipt does not automatically demonstrate a lack of capability to work - EAT 7.11.08 admin
Snowball v. Gardner Merchant Ltd 1987 admin 13/03/1986
Stuckey v (1) Daido Industrial Bearings Europe Ltd (2) Elswood - Tribunal had no jurisdiction due to lack of valid grievance [2010] EAT admin 10/02/2010
Supreme Court equal pay case off as Sheffield settles admin
Shaikh v Department for Constitutional Affairs - man's equal pay claim fails because no female comparator - new on EAT website 3.10.2005 admin
St John Ambulance v Mulvie - claim was out of time from last act complained of, so "continuing act" question was irrelevant admin
Safeway Stores plc v Burrell 1997 admin 24/01/1997
Sheffield City Council v Dolby - Failure to abide by statutory grievance requirements [2011] EAT admin 08/12/2011
Sodexo v Gutridge EAT 2008 admin 31/07/2008
Storer v British Gas plc CA 2000 admin 25/02/2000
Salford NHS Primary Care Trust v Smith - To be a "reasonable adjustment", step must remove substantial disadvantage of PCP [2011] EAT admin 26/08/2011
Simmons v Hoover Ltd 1977 admin 16/07/1976
Sandhu & ors v Gate Gourmet London Ltd - Dismissal of unofficial strikers was lawful [2009] EAT admin 17/07/2009
Saint Francis Hospice v Burn - error in compensation award admin
Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust v Roldan - factors to be taken into account in deciding fairness of a misconduct dismissal admin
Sacked police officer loses payout appeal admin
Sunley v HMP Durham - strike out order for want of prosecution overruled admin
Sutton v The Ranch Ltd EAT 2006 admin 30/04/2006
Stuart v London City Airport - Failure to look into potentially exculpatory evidence [2012] EAT admin 09/11/2012
South Lanarkshire Council v Fisher EAT 2005 admin 26/04/2005
Security Industry Authority v Stewart QBD 2009 admin 17/10/2007
Simpson v London Borough Of Hackney & Ors - Incorporation of collective agreement [2012] EAT admin 29/10/2012
Synstar Computer Services (UK) Ltd v ICL (Sorbus) Ltd 2002 admin 30/03/2001
Symington v ISS Facility Services Ltd - Appeal on method of pay calculation dismissed since Genuine Material Factor defence had in any event been established [2008] EAT admin 27/03/2008
Stroud Rugby Football Club v Monkman - ET entitled to assess loss on basis of employee being able to secure job share with her employer admin
Sneddon v Carr-Gomm Scotland Ltd - balance of tribunal's right to fact-find and the "substitution mind-set" admin
Svenska Staten v Anders Holmqvist - criteria for deciding which country is responsible for State guarantees of wages etc due by an insolvent employer operating in more than one EC country - ECJ case C-310/07 on 16.10.08 admin
Snows Motor Group Ltd v Palmerino - burden of proof was wrongly attributed to the dismissing employer, where it should be "neutral" admin
Stirling & Mair v Meikle 2002 admin 27/08/2002