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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Spence v. British Railways Board 2001 admin 16/10/2001
Screene v Seatwave Ltd - Changes in the pleaded reason for dismissal: capability and conduct [2011] EAT admin 26/05/2011
Schmidt v Austicks Bookshop Ltd 1978 admin 26/07/1977
Savage v Nestle Waters Powwow Ltd - Fairness of dismissal for refusing to obey instruction depended on the reasonableness of that instruction [2008] EAT admin 18/04/2008
Southampton City College v Randall [2005] EAT admin 07/11/2005
Sarkar v West London Mental Health NHS Trust - inconsistency in employer's approach made dismissal unfair admin
Selvarajan v Wilmot & Others - unreasonable delay in complying with statutory disciplinary procedures cannot, of itself, cause them to be deemed "not completed" - Court of Appeal 23.7.08 admin
Sodexho Ltd v Gibbons EAT 2005 admin 29/07/2005
Stockton on Tees Borough Council v Aylott EAT 2009 admin 11/04/2009
Servisair UK Ltd v O'Hare and Ors - two-fold redundancy test incorrectly applied admin
Stark v The Post Office 2000 admin 02/03/2000
South East Leisure Group Ltd v Vachoumis - Respondent's right to apply for review of decision that it be debarred [2011] EAT admin 04/10/2011
Sec'y of State for Scotland and anor v Mann and anor 2001 admin 27/11/2000
Step in Time Ltd v (1) Fox (2) Hunter - ET1 claim to employment tribunal cannot constitute statutory grievance [2008] EAT admin 03/11/2008
Sheffield City Council v Crosby and others, Gibson and others v Sheffield CC - disparate impact of pay scheme can be shown not to be "sex-tainted" [2009] EAT admin 17/02/2009
SCA Packaging Limited v Boyle -"likely" in the DDA 1995 means "could well happen" and not "more probable than not" admin
Sanctuary Care Services Ltd v Johnson - ET failed to deal with time limits and to find facts properly so race discrimination case remitted back for reconsideration - new on EAT website 10.10.2005 admin
Synstar Computer Services (UK) Ltd v ICL (Sorbus) Ltd 2002 admin 30/03/2001
Secretary of State for Justice v Macdonald - Heaney - Tribunal wrongly substituted its own view for that of prison governor [2011] EAT admin 07/04/2011
Sawar v SKF (UK) Ltd - In context, public "dressing down" was - unusually - not fundamental breach of trust & confidence [2010] EAT admin 21/01/2010
Seda Kücükdeveci v Swedex GmbH & Co. KG - age discrimination admin
Subner v United Kingdom - Human Rights and appeals to the Health Professions Council admin
Schmidt v Spar und Leikhasse of Bordesholm etc 1995 admin 14/04/1994
Sec'y of State (DTI) v Bottrill 1999 admin 12/02/1999
Scottish Opera Ltd v Winning - grievance requirements under the (now repealed/revoked) 2004 statutory dispute resolution procedures. admin
Sharkey v Bridon Coatbridge Ltd, Glasgow ET - participating in industrial action held to be participating in an "activity of an independent union" admin
Segor v Goodrich Actuation Systems Ltd - Tribunal should only accept "clear, unambiguous and unequivocal" abandonment of claim [2012] EAT admin 10/02/2012
Soutar (execs) v Murray and Scottish Provident Institution 2002 admin 30/10/2001
Shea v Micros Fidelio - Litigant in person may be forgiven for confusing wrongful and unfair dismissal [2011] EAT admin 02/08/2011
Sodexho Healthcare Services Ltd v Harmer - Pre-Hearing Review should involve an actual hearing, with exchange of oral evidence [2009] EAT admin 10/07/2009
Scott v Russell -ETs can take broad approach on questions of costs admin
Secretary of State for Justice v Slee - persons covered by dismissal compensation scheme for Justices' Clerks admin
Sajid v Chowdhury CA 2001 admin 02/10/2001
Schultz v Esso Petroleum Ltd 1999 admin 18/03/1999
Sheibani v Elan & Co LLP - breach of natural justice if tribunal fails to warn parties it is considering illegality admin
Stewart v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions - social security admin