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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
USA: One Anti-Gay Comment Can Create Hostile Workplace - New Jersey Law Journal 15.8.08 admin
University of Stirling v University & College Union - ending of fixed term contracts is not redundancy triggering consultation requirements admin
UNISON v First Secretary of State - favourable pension terms for local government employees - QBD 27.9.06 admin
USA case: Dismissal upheld despite employer's Google search for employee's prior work history - FindLaw 1.6.07 admin
Unite v Tyco Electronics - recognition of bargaining unit, CAC inquiries - CAC 25.7.07 admin
Unite v Newsquest (Worcester) Ltd - duty to negotiation under Information & Consultation Regulations - CAC 6.8.07 admin
Union Syndicale Solidaires Isère v Premier Ministre - daily rest breaks and the requirements to be met by "equivalent compensatory rest" admin
Unison v Grants Veterinary Services Plc - union recognition and balloting admin
UF v Secretary of State - disqualification from working with children and vulnerable adults - England and Wales Care Standards Tribunal 19.6.07 admin
University College Union v The University of Stirling [2014] - fixed term workers excluded from collective consultation admin 14/01/2014
Unison v Bakhsh, Unison v Staunton - scope of trade union's powers of suspension [2009] EAT admin 08/04/2009
UPVC Designs Ltd (t/a Croston Conservatories) v (1) Latimer (2) Millar - A contract of employment must contain an element of control so as to make one party the "master" [2007] EAT admin 16/10/2007
University of Warwick v Gray - Tribunal substituted own view of what was reasonable rather than considering how it appeared to decision maker [2010] EAT admin 08/11/2010
UK Coal Mining Ltd v NUM & British Association of Colliery Management EAT 2007 admin 27/09/2007
Ultra Electronics Ltd v Khrishnakumar - Unfair Dismissal - Mitigation of Loss [2005] EAT admin 26/11/2005
Unite v Nortel Networks UK Ltd (in administration) HC 2010 admin 22/04/2010
Unegbu v Dimension Data Network Services Ltd - Applying criteria coterminous with being of particular national origin is race discrimination [2009] EAT admin 27/01/2009
Union Syndicale Solidaires Is?re v Premier Ministre & ors ECJ 2011 admin 14/10/2010
Ur- Rehman v Doncaster Jahia Mosque - insufficient evidence to prove a claim for stigma admin
United Arab Emirates v Abdelghafar EAT 1995 admin 29/07/1994
UCATT (Union of Construction Allied Trades & Technology) v Short - ET may take account of future wage increase in future loss calculation admin
Universities Superannuation Scheme Ltd v. Simpson and ors ChD 2004 admin 29/04/2004
UK Mail Ltd v Creasey - workers and the unfettered right of substitution admin 26/09/2012
Ullah v Celmac Ltd 1997 admin 16/12/1997
UCATT v Amicus, Glasgow City Council & ors, EAT - information and consultation obligations under TUPE admin
USA: Rodrigues v. Scotts Co. et al: man fired for smoking given leave to pursue privacy claim - 30.01.08 admin
Uzor v (1) Safiu (2) Uzor (3) Verriott International Group Ltd - joint and several liability for compensation admin
Unison v Leicestershire County Council - raising new points - redundancy and protective award - CA 29.6.06 admin
UK (Aid) Ltd. v Martin Damian Andrew Mitchell Leslie John Silverman Steven Andrew Silverman - High Court (ChD) 8.5.07 admin
Unite v Aircraft Service International Group - recognition of bargaining unit - CAC 16.7.07 admin
Unite v Kettle Foods Limited - petition demonstrates majority in favour - CAC 13.8.07 admin
USA: In re (same-sex) marriage cases - Supreme Court of California, 15.5.08 admin
United States of America v Nolan - perfectly acceptable to "twin track" remitted hearing to tribunal and reference to CJEC admin
Unite, McCartney & Ors v Nortel Networks UK Ltd (in adminstration) - money claim can only proceed against company in administration if "exceptional" admin
United States of America v Nolan - public bodies and the Collective Redundancies Directive admin
University of Westminster v Bailey [2009] EAT admin 22/09/2009