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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
USDAW v Ethel Austin Ltd - meaning of 'establishment' for redundancy consultation admin 10/09/2013
USA - Carvin v Britain - Parental rights of lesbian - Supreme Court (Washington) 15.5.06 admin
Urquhart v Fife Primary Care NHS Trust - Manual Handling Regulations - Court of Session 9.1.07 admin
United Kingdom v Council of the European Union - ECJ Case C-77/05, 10.7.07 admin
Unite v Pierhead Housing Association - majority support for collective bargaining - CAC 31.7.07 admin
Unite & ors. v UCL - extent of recognition for collective bargaining purposes - CAC 6.8.07 admin
Uren v Corporate Leisure (UK) Ltd and MOD - risk assessments admin
University of London v Zaman - no automatic issue estoppel preventing a breach of contract claim where a discrimination/victimisation claim has failed admin
United States of America v Nolan - in a collective redundancy situation, when exactly does the consultation obligation arise? admin
Unison, R (on the application of) v The Lord Chancellor & Anor - Unison's challenge to 2013 Fee Remisssions Order fails admin
Uruakpa v Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust & Stokes - Striking out a claim [2006] EAT admin 05/09/2006
Unegbu v Newman Stone Ltd - The simple withdrawal of a claim, without more, cannot amount to unreasonable conduct and thus cannot be the basis for a costs order [2008] EAT admin 18/08/2008
Unison and GMB v Brennan & ors and Sunderland City Council EAT 2008 admin 19/04/2008
Unison & Fenton v National Probation Service & Anor - A technical error in making a "multiple claim" was not sufficient reason for rejecting the claim [2010] EAT admin 04/02/2010
Unison v Allen & ors EAT 2007 admin 26/07/2007
Ugiagbe v Tower Hamlets Primary Care Trust - EAT not concerned with viewing evidential material differently [2013] EAT admin 09/05/2013
University of Nottingham v Eyett HC 1999 admin 13/11/1998
UPS Ltd v Harrison - Tribunal substituted own view for that of employer [2012] EAT admin 16/01/2012
UNIFI v Union Bank of Nigeria 2001 admin 07/06/2001
University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust v Williams - "reasonably practicable" and "such further period as is reasonable" are not the same admin
Uren v Corporate Leisure (UK) Ltd and MOD CA 2011 admin 02/02/2011
United Learning Trust v Rose admin
United Guarding Services Ltd v St James Security Group Ltd and anor EAT 2004 admin 15/04/2004
Uthman v Speciality Care (EMI) Plc (t/a Craegmoor Healthcare) - appeals with no prospect of success admin
Unison & anor v National Probation Service & anor EAT 2010 admin
USDAW & Anor v UNITE The Union & Ors - 'at one establishment' to be disregarded for purposes of collective redundancy consultation admin
USA: One Anti-Gay Comment Can Create Hostile Workplace - New Jersey Law Journal 15.8.08 admin
University of Stirling v University & College Union - ending of fixed term contracts is not redundancy triggering consultation requirements admin
UNISON v First Secretary of State - favourable pension terms for local government employees - QBD 27.9.06 admin
USA case: Dismissal upheld despite employer's Google search for employee's prior work history - FindLaw 1.6.07 admin
Unite v Tyco Electronics - recognition of bargaining unit, CAC inquiries - CAC 25.7.07 admin
Unite v Newsquest (Worcester) Ltd - duty to negotiation under Information & Consultation Regulations - CAC 6.8.07 admin
Union Syndicale Solidaires Isère v Premier Ministre - daily rest breaks and the requirements to be met by "equivalent compensatory rest" admin
Unison v Grants Veterinary Services Plc - union recognition and balloting admin
UF v Secretary of State - disqualification from working with children and vulnerable adults - England and Wales Care Standards Tribunal 19.6.07 admin
University College Union v The University of Stirling [2014] - fixed term workers excluded from collective consultation admin 14/01/2014