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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Case Date
Williams v The Ministry of Defence - withdrawal of service complaint and ET jurisdiction
Williams v United Kingdom - extent of compensation for discrimination in Widowed Mother's Allowance payments - ECtHR 8.1.08
Williams v United Kingdom ECtHR - refusal of Widow's Pension was not sex discrimination - 24.6.08
Williamson v The Chief Constable of The Greater Manchester Police & Anor - inadmissible evidence
Willmore v Knowsley MBC - the standard of proof required in mesothelioma cases is low.
Willoughby v C F Capital Plc - unambiguous words of dismissal can only be retracted in exceptional special circumstances.
Willow Oak Developments Ltd v Silverwood & ors - employees unfairly dismissed for refusing to accept new restrictive covenants - CA 25.5.06
Wilson Devonald v Suckling - tribunal substituting its own view as to the reasonableness of an employer's response to an employee's misconduct
Wilson UK Ltd v (1) Turton (2) Little - tribunal must consider Polkey deduction in procedural unfairness case
Wilson v Exel UK Ltd - employer was not vicariously liable for employee's "frolic"
Wilson v Health & Safety Executive EAT - scheme relating pay to length of service must be justified for Equal Pay purposes
Wilson v HSE - in equal pay claim employer must justify length of service criterion if "serious doubts" are raised
Wilson v Ministry of Defence & Anor - no reasons given in personal injury case - Court of Appeal 9.5.07
Wincanton Group Ltd v De Cort & Anor - ET erred by substituting its own view
Winner Wetten GmbH v Bürgermeisterin der Stadt Bergheim - national court must not apply domestic law if it is contrary to EC law
Wise Group v Mitchell EAT 2005
Wm A Merrick (formerly t/a Wm A Merrick & Co Solicitors) v Simpson - points for pre-hearing review or full hearing
WM Morrisons Supermarket Plc v Kessab - Polkey can still apply where there is substantial and procedural unfairness
Wolf v Stadt Frankfurt am Main - maximum age to join service can be "genuine and determining occupational requirement"
Wolf v Stadt Frankfurt am Main, ECJ Case C-229/08 - upper age limit for fire service recruits is justifiable discrimination (A-G's opinion)