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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Warrior Square Recoveries Ltd v Flynn - Time limits: continuing act, not continuing detriment [2012] EAT admin 03/10/2012
Williams v United Kingdom ECtHR - refusal of Widow's Pension was not sex discrimination - 24.6.08 admin
Wren v Eastbourne Borough Council & anor EAT 1993 admin 30/07/1993
Wolf v Stadt Frankfurt am Main CJEC 2010 admin 12/01/2010
Williams v (1) Guardian Care Homes Ltd & Others (2) Reay - Tribunal must identify who was employer of unfairly dismissed claimant [2011] EAT admin 09/05/2011
Williams and ors v British Airways plc - holiday pay, notably for air crew. admin
Wolesley Centres Ltd v Simmons EAT 1994 admin 21/01/1994
West Ferry Printers v Beedell 2000 admin 07/02/2000
Walker v SoS for Trade & Industry - Employee on sick leave dismissed after found racing motor cycles [2006] EAT admin 17/01/2006
Wardle v Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank - compensation for career long losses is not generally appropriate admin
Wm A Merrick (formerly t/a Wm A Merrick & Co Solicitors) v Simpson - points for pre-hearing review or full hearing admin
Wise Group v Mitchell EAT 2005 admin
Walcher v Bundesamt f?r Soziales und Behindertenwesen Steiermark ECJ 2003 admin 11/09/2003
Worrall & Ors v Wilmott Dixon Partnership Ltd & anor - TUPE transfers and subsequent changes in the law affecting employment terms [2010] EAT admin 09/07/2010
Weight Watchers (UK) Ltd & Ors v Commissioners of Inland Revenue - weight watchers "Leaders" are employees, not self-employed admin
Williams v Bannatyne Fitness Ltd - disability, victimisation, and burden of proof admin
Wade v North Yorkshire Police Authority v HMRC UT (tax) 2011 admin 11/01/2011
Westminster City Council v. Haywood & anr (No.2) 2000 admin 20/12/1999
Waters v Bankside Leisure Ltd - Prejudging outcome of disciplinary hearing is substantial not procedural [2006] EAT admin 01/06/2006
Weight Watchers & Ors v HMRC - Group Leaders are employees admin
Webber v NHS Direct - Pay protection sums were wages and not compensation for loss of office [2012] EAT admin 30/11/2012
Welsh v Cowdenbeath Football Club Ltd - past misconduct, never acted upon, is deemed waived and cannot justify later dismissal on different grounds admin
Wardle v Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank CA 2011 admin 11/05/2011
West Coast Trains Ltd (t/a Virgin Trains) v Tombling EAT - When are there reasonable grounds to sustain genuine belief in misconduct? [2009] EAT admin 02/04/2009
Wheeler v (1) Office of the Prime Minister (2) Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and Speaker of the House of Commons - no clear promise of referendum to found legitimate expectation - QBD 25.6.08 admin
Willoughby v C F Capital Plc - unambiguous words of dismissal can only be retracted in exceptional special circumstances. admin
Walls Meat Co v Selby CA 1989 admin 03/02/1989
Wright v Woverhampton City Council - Just and equitable to extend time where claimant relied on "unreliable advice" [2008] EAT admin 04/07/2008
Wardle v Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank - 15% uplift of award for breach of statutory dismissal procedures admin
WM Morrisons Supermarket Plc v Kessab - Polkey can still apply where there is substantial and procedural unfairness admin
Wynnwith Engineering Co Ltd v Bennett 2002 admin 11/12/2001
Walia v Zaiwalla & Co and Hodsdon 2002 admin 24/07/2002
Working Men's Club And Institute Union Ltd v Balls - Relaxed approach to criticisms of employer at hearing not specifically pleaded [2011] EAT admin 08/11/2011
Woodcock v Cumbria Primary Care Trust - was taking account of costs "proportionate" as a means of achieving legitimate aim? admin
Wiliams v Cater Link Ltd - no actual or apparent bias by employment judge who may have been friendly with one of the barristers admin
West v Kneels Ltd 1987 admin 08/07/1986