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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Anderson v Chesterton High School UKEAT/0206/14 Anonymous (not verified) 14/04/2015
Abi Babitu Kololo and Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis [2015] EWHC Anonymous (not verified) 09/03/2015
Aktas v Adepta (a Registered Charity) - discretionary extensions of time in personal injury cases admin
Abdulla and ors v Birmingham City Council HC 2011 admin 17/12/2010
Ansar v Lloyds TSB Bank Plc - Case could and should have been handled in writing only [2006] EAT admin 14/07/2006
Alliance & Leicester PLC v Kidd - No extension of time where delay due to negligent advice [2007] EAT admin 13/04/2007
A v B ex p. News Group Newspapers Ltd EAT 1998 admin 27/06/1997
Adan v Sec'y of State for the Home Department HL 1998 admin 06/04/1998
Akinosun (on behalf of General & Health Workers Union) v The Certification Officer - trade union must regulate relations between workers admin
Aber Roof Truss Ltd v HMRC - belief that employee's injuries (and thus absence) are self-inflicted does not remove obligation to pay SSP admin
Axa General Insurance Ltd & Ors, Re Judicial Review - Scottish "pleural plaques Act" lawful admin
Agrilek Ltd v Boundy - Procedure of tribunal [2005] EAT admin 03/08/2005
Aston University v (1) Mrs M Campbell (2) Mrs J Winder - Is "job evolution" a new contract? [2007] EAT admin 01/08/2007
Ahmed v. Governing Body of the University of Oxford and anor CA 2003 admin 20/12/2002
Allma Construction Ltd v Bonner EAT 2010 admin 12/05/2010
Ahsan v Westmead Business Group Ltd - self employed or employee - need to closely examine "sham" arrangements admin
Aitken v The Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis - DDA claim was rightly dismissed by tribunal and EAT admin
Allen & Others v GMB - "manipulating" members of trade union was a disproportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim and so amounted to indirect sex discrimination - Court of Appeal 16.7.08 admin
Adamson v Swansea University - Waiver agreement prevented objection on grounds of bias [2010] EAT admin 23/02/2010
Ashcroft v Haberdashers Aske's Boys School - Waiting for conclusion of statutory disciplinary procedure makes it "not reasonably practicable" to present unfair dismissal complaint in time [2007] EAT admin 14/11/2007
Armstrong v Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Hospital Trust EAT 2010 admin 22/02/2010
Atkins v Coyle Personnel PLC EAT 2008 admin 08/02/2008
Arriva London South Ltd v Nicolaou - overtime ban for refusing to opt out of 48 hour max working week. admin
Aegon UK Corporate Services Ltd v Roberts - benefits such as pension scheme are not unique, but aspects of "whole remuneration package" admin
Allan Janes LLP v Johal - restrictive covenants in employment contract, High Court (Ch D) - on BAILIII 30.03.2006 admin
Ahunanya v Scottish & Southern Energy Plc - Tribunal's decisions on remedy were correct [2009] EAT admin 04/02/2009
Atkins v Coyle Personnel PLC - Unfair dismissal and paternity leave regulations [2008] EAT admin 08/02/2008
Allders Department Stores (in adminstration) (In re) ChD 2005 admin 16/02/2005
Adeneler & ors v Ellinikos Organismos Galaktos ECJ 2006 admin 04/07/2006
Ajayi v The Apuldram Centre - sums in question so small as not, in themselves, to be a proportionate use of EAT time admin
AB & Ors v Ministry of Defence - nuclear veterans test cases against MOD allowed to proceed admin
Alonso v Fondo de Garantía Salarial - insolvency of employer - ECJ Case C-81/05, 7.9.06 admin
Aziz-Mir v Sainsbury's Supermarkets Plc - Tribunal's handling of case was not biased [2008] EAT admin 10/12/2008
Aziz-Mir v Sainsburys Supermarkets Plc - Tribunal chairman's "sixth-hand" link to respondent through charitable organisations does not amount to bias [2007] EAT admin 28/11/2007
Anderson v Newham College of Further Education CA 2003 admin 25/03/2002
Alabaster v Woolwich plc & anor ECJ 2004 admin 03/03/2004