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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Arthur v Attorney-General EAT 1999 admin 01/03/1999
Adecco UK Ltd v Aldwinkle - costs order where non compliance with orders and failure to attend admin
Abbey National Plc v Bascetta - Existence of appeal is not itself grounds to postpone remedy hearing [2008] EAT admin 05/12/2008
Abegaze v Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology - Strike out of remedies hearing for continued failure to actively pursue was correct [2008] EAT admin 04/03/2008
Ayodele v Compass Group plc - the employer's "duty to consider" statutory requests admin
Astra Zeneca UK Ltd v HMRC - payment of part of employees' salary in retail vouchers is a transaction subject to VAT admin
Aberdeen City Council v McNeill EAT 2010 admin 11/11/2009
Alexis v London Borough of Newham HC 2009 admin 15/06/2009
Arriva London South Ltd v Nicolaou - WTR opt-outs, detrimental treatment, and the "but for" test admin
Aegon UK Corporate Services Ltd v Roberts, EAT - Final salary pension scheme and money purchase pension scheme in context of unfair dismissal [2009] EAT admin 12/02/2009
Ashley v City Holdings - Discrimination claim arising out of dismissal did not require separate grievance and was brought in time by virtue of automatic extension of time limits [2007] EAT admin 18/06/2007
Aspect Capital Ltd v Christensen - contempt of court by dismissed employee admin
AG's Opinion in Federatie Nederlandse Vakbewegung v The Netherlands, ECJ Case C-124/05 on 12.1.06 admin
Alexander (1) and Hatherley (2) v Bridgen Enterprises Ltd [2006] EAT admin 12/04/2006
Adams v Lancashire CC & BET Catering CA 1997 admin 15/05/1997
Aspire Defence Services Ltd v Hutchings - ET's reasons must be Meek compliant admin
Asif v Elmbridge Borough Council - The search for the elusive "reasonably arguable ground of appeal" [2011] EAT admin 19/10/2011
Asif v Key People Ltd - Worker's breach of contract cannot be used as defence to a claim for unlawful deduction of wages [2008] EAT admin 07/03/2008
Armstrong v Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Hospital Trust - Equal Pay admin
Adeneler & ors. v Ellinikos Organismos Galaktos - successive fixed-term employment contracts - ECJ case C-212/04 on 4.7.2006 admin
Attrill & ors v Dresdner Kleinwort Ltd and Commerzbank AG CA 2011 admin 08/03/2011
Astley and ors v Celtec Ltd [2006] UKHL 29 admin 21/06/2006
Agorastoudis and ors v Goodyear Hellas AVEE - collective redundancies - ECJ Cases C-187/05 and C-190/05 on 7.9.06 admin
Aon Trust Corpn v KPMG (a firm) CA 2005 admin 28/07/2005
Aylott v Stockton on Tees Borough Council CA 2010 admin 29/07/2010
Anderson v Cheltenham & Gloucester Plc - costs order set aside as discrimination complaints were not misconceived admin
Abendshine & Others v Sunderland City Council - Equal pay claims, statutory grievances, and named comparators [2012] EAT admin 29/02/2012
Averns (on behalf of Averns deceased) v Stagecoach in Warwickshire - When considering delay and time limits, the reasonableness of a claimant's ignorance of their rights is a material factor [2008] EAT admin 16/07/2008
Agard v Westminster Kingsway College - a week's pay: calculation denominator is weeks for which employee is paid, including holiday admin
Appiah & Anor v Bishop Douglass Roman Catholic High School - CA 26.1.07 admin
Ali v Office of National Statistics CA 2004 admin 21/10/2004
Amicus v Macmillan Publishers Ltd CAC 2007 admin 16/02/2007
Allma Construction Ltd v Laing - 5% deduction for contributory fault was perverse admin
Andrews v Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust & Anor - Justifying late submission of contract claim [2012] EAT admin 19/04/2012
Ashraf v Metropolitan Police Authority - Comparators must be "truly similar" for dismissal to be unfair on grounds of inconsistency of treatment [2008] EAT admin 25/07/2008
Amery & Ors v Perth & Kinross Council & Anor - equal pay, statutory grievances and named comparators admin