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Case Summaries

This section contains 100’s of professionally prepared case summaries relevant to employment law. They report decisions from the tribunals and courts of the UK and Europe and are updated as important new cases arise.

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Title Author Case Date
Allison v London Underground Ltd - the liability imposed by reg 9 of the PUWER regs is "strict" liability which is not the same as "absolute" or "no-fault" liability - [2008] EWCA Civ 71 on 13.2.08 admin
Anglian Windows Ltd v The GMB - injunction restraining industrial action refused - High Court (QBD) 27.4.07 admin
Armstrong v Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Hospital Trust CA 2005 admin 21/12/2005
Amnesty International v Ahmed EAT 2009 admin 13/08/2009
Aitken v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis - disability discrimination: disability must be actual and not just perceived admin
Accurist Watches Ltd v Wadher - No absolute requirement for witness evidence to support application for time extension [2009] EAT admin 23/03/2009
Adult Learning Inspectorate & others v Beloff - Member of ALI is in Crown employment and so excluded from consultation rights [2008] EAT admin 30/01/2008
A v B and Anor - Tribunal should be slow to strike out unfair dismissal claim if earlier discrimination-related grievance may have influenced employer admin
Abdirahman v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions - individuals from the EEA did not have a right to reside in UK and so could not claim DSS benefits - CA 5.7.07 admin
Alboni v Ind Coope Retail Ltd CA 1998 admin 15/10/1997
Arthur v Attorney-General EAT 1999 admin 01/03/1999
AQ Ltd v Holden - failure to seek earlier PHR or strike out properly tells against success in costs application admin
Asda Stores Ltd v Green - Employer's investigation in misconduct dismissal need only fall within range of reasonableness [2009] EAT admin 18/03/2009
Augustin v (1) Total Quality Staff Ltd (2) Humphries - Assignments for agency worker constituted daily contracts of employment [2008] EAT admin 01/02/2008
Arrowsmith v Nottingham Trent University - tribunal was entitled to make costs award admin
Ab & Ors v Small Mines v Small Mines v UK Coal - claims against co-defendants in Btish Coal litigation - High Court (QBD) 13.8.07 admin
Aberdeen City Council v McNeill EAT 2010 admin 11/11/2009
Alexis v London Borough of Newham HC 2009 admin 15/06/2009
Andrew v (1) Cledor Ltd (2) Cluttons LLP - EJ correct to refuse amendment, but in error as to scope of original claim admin
Allen v Secretary of State for Work & Pensions (JobCentre Plus) - Grievances were not "extant" so claim could not proceed [2010] EAT admin 19/01/2010
Ashton Seals Ltd v Mate - Role of the Employment Appeal Tribunal is to hear appeals on the law, not fresh arguments on the facts [2007] EAT admin 14/12/2007
Alexander Heimann, Konstantin Toltschin v Kaiser GmbH - short-time working and annual leave entitlement admin
Arkwell v United Kingdom - no discrimination over widows' pensions - ECtHR 25.9.07 admin
Alexander (1) and Hatherley (2) v Bridgen Enterprises Ltd [2006] EAT admin 12/04/2006
Adams v Lancashire CC & BET Catering CA 1997 admin 15/05/1997
Aziz v Crown Prosecution Service - adverse views expressed by ET not a bar to their adjudicating a remedy admin
Albert v Vidionics Security Systems Ltd - Tribunal failed to establish what the reason was for claimant's resignation [2011] EAT admin 17/08/2011
Abbey Cars (West Horndon) Ltd v Ford - Breach must be sufficiently serious as to be fundamental, but it can then be just one of many reasons causing resignation and still found a constructive dismissal claim [2008] EAT admin 23/05/2008
Allen & Ors v TRW Systems Ltd - mistaken payment does not establish legally binding practice admin
Airbus UK Ltd v Webb - dismissal is admin
Attrill & ors v Dresdner Kleinwort Ltd and Commerzbank AG CA 2011 admin 08/03/2011
Astley and ors v Celtec Ltd [2006] UKHL 29 admin 21/06/2006
A & J Menswear (Retail) Ltd v Jacobs - employee ready and willing to work was entitled to be paid wages admin 30/11/2011
Ajayi (1) Ogeleyinbo (2) v Aitch Care Homes (London) Ltd - Refusal to accept WTR contravention must be explicit [2012] EAT admin 03/02/2012
Atlantic Air Ltd v Hoff - Acceptance of repudiatory breach need not be communicated to employer, but it must be unequivocal and unambiguous [2008] EAT admin 26/03/2008
Ashman v Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd [2010] EAT admin 11/01/2010