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Employment Law News Updates

Here we publish information on the latest employment law news stories

Emplaw Online authors Shakespeare Martineau invite HR professionals and senior managers with HR responsibility/awareness to conferences on Employing a workforce fit for a global future. Content will include a round up of key recent cases impacting on HR practice as well as optional workshops on 

  • Brexit and Immigration
  • Modern Ways of Working aka “Gig Economy”
  • Performance Management
  • Managing Absence

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Emplaw Online author, Nathaniel Caiden, considers the recent EAT judgment in Dudley MBC v Willetts UKEAT/0334/16/JOJ concerning the inclusion of voluntary overtime normally worked in calculating holiday pay

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Click here for an article by Emplaw Online authors, Gowling WLG which considers questions such as: What about fees already paid?: Are fees gone forever?: Will tribunals allow late claims?

Meanwhile a Guardian article here gives a useful summary of the politics involved.

Click here for an article from Emplaw Online on how to avoid discrimination whilst running an efficient recruitment process attracting applicants from around the world

Click here for the July 2017 edition of Emplaw Monthly which reviews the latest employment law news including the Welsh Assembly Bill to reverse the Trade Union Act 2016 as it applies to public service, updated  ICO Codes of Practice on Subject Access and CCTV and a Bill to provide for paid parental bereavement leave as well as links to our latest articles on the Matthew Taylor review, Working Time and Contractual Holiday, and  a podcast on How to Write a Dress code plus summaries of the latest key cases (for subscribers).

As employment specialists knew, it was never going to be simple... The outcome of the review has been published and there have been various headlines suggesting business groups have been generally positive, and unions and employment lawyers less so. Why is this? Click here for an article from Emplaw Online which takes an in-depth view of the key points. 

How far can an employer go in specifying how employees present at work, while staying within the law?

Click here for a five minute podcast from Emplaw Online authors Gowling WLG, giving an overview of the main points for employers to watch out for when designing their workplace dress codes. 

Following the election, we published an article entitled The Tory's manifesto promises on employment law – what are they and can they be delivered?. Click here for the latest article, following the Queen's speech which explains what survived the cull and what employment specialists need to know

Jacques Algazy QC and Nathaniel Caiden, authors of Emplaw Online content on post termination restrictions, consider whether the case of Egon Zehnder Ltd v Tillman [2017] EWHC 1278 (Ch) (summarised here) marks the start of a trend whereby restrictive covenants against employees will be increasingly upheld owing to an employer’s ‘future intention’ of the employees’ progress (that is promotions and increasing seniority).

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An article addressing the question whether employers can and should offer enhanced contractual maternity pay to mothers, but only statutory shared parental leave pay to fathers? This article is by Emplaw Online authors Gowling WLG and follows the recent tribunal case of Ali v Capita Customer Management Limited which found that an employer directly discriminated against a male employee in only offering statutory pay if he took shared parental leave, whereas female colleagues taking maternity leave were entitled to enhanced contractual maternity pay.

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