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Employment Law News Updates

Here we publish information on the latest employment law news stories

The July 2016 edition of Emplaw Monthly reports on updated guidance on employing disabled people and updated policy on enforcement of the  National Minimum Wage as well as professional case summaries (for subscribers). It links to the interview with Emplaw's Director of Legal Content and Marketing  reported in Lawyer Monthly and to useful information for employers and employees on state benefits.

This month we’re proud to be featured in the specialist global magazine Lawyer Monthly. Read the feature report and interview with Claire Perry, Director, Legal Content and Marketing at Emplaw Online, for an insight into some of the main issues facing employment law in the UK today. Claire discusses the difficulties commonly faced by lawyers and HR managers in this complex and ever-evolving sector. She explains the battle to demystify employment law and discusses controversial issues such as gender pay equality and the challenges presented by TUPE.

A summary of the provisions in force from 12th July 2016

The June 2016 edition of Emplaw Monthly includes reports on the coming into force of various sections of the Immigration Act 2016 and of the Psychoactive Substances Act, as well as professional case summaries (for subscribers).. It links to our article on what Brexit means for employment law, and a discussion of the AG’s opinion in the case of Samira Achbita v G4S Secure Solutions NV.

Subscribers can be confident that Emplaw guides/cards reflect current law and are updated as the law changes. This remains the case post the Brexit vote and this brief article explains why.

There are no immediate legal changes following the UK's vote to exit the EU. It is likely to be three months before the process and the negotiations start. Similarly, none of the uncertainly about the consequences have yet been clarified. However, in preparation, we focus on what was, until last week, a theoretical issue and, with this in mind, we round up a number of useful articles which deal with the process of leaving and the consequences for employment law.

Whilst the path of an exit is still unknown, companies should accelerate their contingency planning to understand how an exit will impact them. Emplaw contributor and leading law firm, Penningtons Manche, invite business leaders to forthcoming workshops (in Oxford, Cambridge, London and Guildford) to hear more about the implications for their business from a panel of legal experts.

Emplaw author and barrister from Cloisters, Declan O'Dempsey has published a detailed and incisive blog on how the AG’s much publicised opinion in this case (concerning the wearing of an Islamic headscarf at work) represents a new, and dangerous, analysis of the concept of direct discrimination and appears to weaken the protection given to religion and belief under European Law.

The May 2016 edition of Emplaw Monthly includes articles on the Trade Union Act, the Enterprise Act and the Immigration Act (all of which were passed in May 2016) as well as articles on the impact of the EU Referendum on employment matters, and  news on the government’s Call for Evidence on non-compete clauses. 


A pithy article which summarises how Brexit would affect UK employment law, highlighting some potential specific changes and explaining that the reality depends on the politics of future UK governments and the subject matter of the cases that come before the courts.